How to Enable Developer Options on Xiaomi Devices

Opening lots of risky features Developer Options menu on Xiaomi is different. That’s the way!


Developer options is a menu that Google doesn’t want its all users to access. Google has included all sorts of options here for app developers to better test their apps. End users can also take advantage of these options. Many unknown settings can be changed from here. Screen size, animation speeds, default USB mode, USB debugging, multiwindow and more. We can also see the RAM usage through this panel. The reason why Google hides this menu is that changing some unknown options risk corrupting the device until you factory reset/wipe it. Let’s start.

Enabling Developer Settings

  • Go into the Settings
  • Tap About Phone
  • Tap All Specs
  • Tap on the MIUI version repeatedly to enable Developer Options.
  • After seeing You are now developer stop tapping
  • Then go to Settings > Additional Settings > Developer Options to access developer settings


You can now access the special features menu for developers. There are many changes you can make through this menu. If you turn developer options off again, most changes you’ve made will be reset.

How to disable Developer Settings


  • Go to Settings > Additional settings > Developer Options (at the bottom)
  • Tap over Developer options switch to disable developer settings.

With this tutorial, you can easily turn developer options on and off. Be careful playing with developer options. You can cause unrepeirable damage without formating your device.