Keep your eyes on Xiaomi: Xiaomi is planning to release an electric car in 2022

Since the details aren’t clear yet the first release will be a prototype for sure. CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun announced the prototype of the car is on the way. Rumor has it that Google and Apple will also introduce a car in the past and Xiaomi is joining them now.

The prototype of the car will be released in third quarter of 2022. Xiaomi aims to introduce their first car to the public in 2024 and Xiaomi already invested $1,5 billion. They have started to build a facility to create new cars. The facility is able to produce 300,000 cars annually.

Keep your eyes on Xiaomi Xiaomi is planning to release an electric car in 2022

We don’t think people can buy the car and start to use soon but it’s great to hear they will have a prototype and making a good investment. Electric cars should be manufactured so well so it shouldn’t have problems with the battery inside the car filling up extremely rapidly.

The company will invest $10 billion in 10 years and the one electric Xiaomi car will cost around $16,000. We don’t have actual images of the cars yet but we see something tiny coming on the way. $16,000 for an electric car is pretty affordable we think it will be like a Mini Cooper or Citröen Ami but that’s just a guess. We’re eager  to see the prototype.

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