Xiaomi Kids Smart Watch 7X spotted on GSMA IMEI Database

Xiaomi is known as a smartphone manufacturer that has gained fame by designing products suitable for various technological needs. Now, with Xiaomi Kids Smart Watch 7X, specifically developed for children, they are drawing attention. The fact that this new product has been identified in the GSMA IMEI Database indicates that Xiaomi is working on a smartwatch designed for children. While the details about this smartwatch are not fully known yet, it stands out for its child-oriented features.

Xiaomi Kids Smart Watch 7X is identified in the GSMA IMEI Database with the model number “MTSB25XUN.” This model number helps in uniquely identifying the product and ensuring its traceability. But, we do not have more details about this smartwatch, so we cannot provide clear information about its technical specifications and functionalities.

This special smartwatch seems to offer a significant feature for children: the ability to make calls. This feature will not only allow parents to communicate with their children but also provide the option to establish communication for emergency situations, ensuring the safety of children. This makes the calling capability one of the most important features of Xiaomi Kids Smart Watch 7X.

However, the GSMA IMEI Database does not provide any information about the release date of Xiaomi Kids Smart Watch 7X. Therefore, we do not have definite information about when the product will be introduced to the market and at what price it will be sold. It is expected that Xiaomi will make an official announcement regarding this matter.

Xiaomi’s Kids Smart Watch 7X, designed for children, still maintains its mystery regarding its features and functionalities. The calling feature indicates that this smartwatch could make a significant contribution to the safety and communication of children. We look forward to more information about the release date and other details, making it an exciting development for parents and technology enthusiasts.

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