Xiaomi launched the new MIJIA Sleep Wake-up Lamp via crowdfunding in China

Xiaomi is well known for innovating creative products. Following that trend, the company today announced that it will be launching a new Mijia product, dubbed Mijia Sleep Wake-up Lamp for crowdfunding in China. The lamp features a new wake up light system that uses a full spectrum lamp beads to provide a Sun like experience. The new Mijia Smart Alarm Lamp has a retail price of 599 yuan ($89) but is available at a special crowdfunding price of 549 Yuan which roughly converts to $82

According to the company, the new Mijia Sleep Wake-up Lamp features a unique wake-up light system that uses full spectrum lamp beads to simulate the Sun. Basically, it contains 198 LED arrays along with 15 different white noise options and 10 dynamic scene settings. By synchronizing with the sun, it can effectively mimic a sunrise and sunset cycle throughout the day, which means, in effect, getting up with the sun and going to sleep with it.

MIJIA Sleep Wake-up Lamp

The gadget can dynamically replicate the sunset during sunset by gradually turning off the lamp’s lights and providing white noise for an immersive sleep experience. Whereas during the sunrise, the Mijia Smart Alarm Lamp activates around 30 minutes before the alarm to mimic a sunrise by gradually turning the lights on. Apparently, this causes the body to wake up naturally, instead of being annoyingly awake by the sound of the alarm.

Xiaomi Mijia Sleep Wake-up lamp has a wide color spectrum coverage that is approximately 30% greater than the display’s 100% sRGB colour range. There is also a night light option that turns on the light automatically and, owing to the 3 / 100.000 deep dimming algorithm, can replicate the full moon and how it illuminates the earth.

The new Mijia device can also be used to help with yoga routines. In the breathing meditation mode, users can take regular deep breaths in time with the light rhythms. This is intended to assist the user relax their body and mind. Moreover, the Mijia lamp is lightweight and weighs only 1.1 kilograms. It is developed for people who suffer from insomnia and other sleeping problems.

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