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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro Software Update: Version 1.2.22 is the first update!

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The newly launched Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro is the first model in the Mi Band series with integrated GPS. Moreover, compared to other Mi Bands, it has left behind the classic design and has a smartwatch-like design. The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro software update version 1.2.22 was published right after the launch of the wristband and brings some new features for the users.

The Mi Band 7 Pro first surfaced through some leaks and appeared in the Mi Fitness app days before its launch. The new smart wristband, which has users excited, comes with a screen that offers a larger viewing area, unlike similar design lines in the Mi Band series. Moreover, it is equipped with a GPS technology so that it can professionally record your walks.

The new smart wristband is equipped with a NFC module, so you can make your life much easier. NFC technology in smart watches and wristbands allows you to pay through your wearable device without having to carry your credit card. NFC payments are available in some countries. This payment method is widely used in China. The new Mi Band 7 Pro software update brings WeChat NFC payment feature.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro Software Update Details

The new Mi Band 7 Pro software update version 1.2.22 has some optimizations and additions as well as WeChat NFC payment function. The jump rope, elliptical trainer and rowing machine are automatically detected with the update package. In health monitoring, the sleep, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation functions have been optimized. Editing of some preset search components is now supported. Bluetooth disconnection reminder has been optimized and more watch faces are supported with the update.

The new Mi Band 7 Pro, the most different style model in the Mi Band series, has been further optimized with the new software update released after its launch, adding features that are frequently used by users. If you own a Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro, we recommend you to check for updates.

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