Xiaomi Mi TV 6 65-inch OLED: Strong Viewing Experience

Xiaomi Mi TV 6 65-inch OLED can fascinate Xiaomi users with its OLED technology. It offers several features with its innovative technology. Xiaomi Mİ TV 6 series presents screen options such as 65-inch and 55-inch. You can choose the appropriate TV size according to the size of your room. It can rival other Xiaomi TVs such as Xiaomi TV P1E. The rest of the article is waiting for you for the review.

These are the main features of the Xiaomi Mi TV 6 65-inch:

  • 4K OLED
  • 1ms
  • ΔE≈2 primary color screen
  • 6mm ultra-thin full screen
  • 5% P3 wide color gamut
  • TÜV Rheinland low blue light certification
  • Far-field voice control

Xiaomi Mi TV 6 65-inch OLED Features

As the name suggests, Xiaomi Mi TV 6 65-inch OLED has OLED technology. The OLED technology offers high-end picture quality. The OLED screen has 8.29 million self-luminous pixels. The OLED screen has an amazing million-level contrast ratio, which is hundreds of times better than ordinary LCD TVs. The extreme night-black image that is infinitely close to 0nit is more three-dimensional and the color is more prominent.

This TV has a 10bit primary color screen. This feature offers natural color and a lifelike image. It presents a cinema-level professional wide color gamut. It adopted the DCI-P3 color gamut standard of the Hollywood film industry. This Mi TV has MEMC motion compensation. Its real-time optimization of the picture through the chip algorithm can stabilize the moving picture. Its Dolby Vision can realize the immersive audio-visual experience.

Xiaomi Mi TV 6 65-inch OLED Design

It is designed with 4-unit speakers. Its stereo field offers extraordinary sound. It has a well-designed independent dual-frequency cavity. It has an eye protection screen. Its screen design reduces harmful blue light and protects eyes without color cast. Its DC dimming design reduces the low-frequency flicker. Watching movies for a long time will not tire your eyes. This design is so important for eye health.

It is designed with a 178° wide viewing angle. Its ultra-wide viewing angle is not limited by space. No matter where you sit to watch, the color performance is not significantly reduced. It is designed as a 4.6mm slim screen. It is thinner than a mobile phone. It does not need traditional backlight modules. Its artistic design can be easily integrated with the background. It can be controlled with the voice with its voice-control design. Xiaomi Mi TV’s design includes these ports:

  • HDMI x3
  • USB x2
  • Network
  • AV Input
  • Antenna

Xiaomi Mi TV 6 65-inch OLED is one of the important TV in the Xiaomi TV world with its OLED technology. Its price is approximately $1000. Many Xiaomi users want this TV thanks to its OLED technology. Xiaomi has made serious efforts to protect eye health with this product. In this article, you have read the features and design of the product. If you have users of the product, we are waiting for your comments.

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