Xiaomi MiGu Headband: Smart home control with thought

Xiaomi has organized an online hackathon that focused on ideas that will be more useful in the future, apart from mobile products and ordinary household products. Xiaomi MiGu Headband offers the ability to control products with your brain signals and more.

The MiGu Headband project, which took first place in the third online hackathon organized by Xiaomi Group, stands out for its ability to control smart homes and track fatigue via brain waves. There are three points on the headband that can receive electrical signals, the user’s EEG can be read based on the potential difference between the points. With the Xiaomi MiGu Headband, users can use brain waves to control smart home systems, and also detect fatigue based on brain waves.

Although the Xiaomi MiGu Headband project seems very futuristic at the moment, the technology is developing rapidly, so we may see more products with similar technologies on the market in the future. Even though the specs seem limited at the moment, a similar Xiaomi product that might hit the market in the future will have more features, such as controlling the car by thought.

Xiaomi MiGu Headband will be on sale?

The MiGu Headband, the winner of the Xiaomi Hackathon, is in the prototype stage and it is still unclear if it will go on sale. However, it is possible that we will come across such products in the near future.

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