Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerator 630L Ice Crystal Version Review

Xiaomi has been focusing a lot on home appliances with its sub-brand Mijia. The Chinese tech giant has recently a new premium refrigerator under the Mijia sub-brand. The product in question is the Mijia refrigerator 630L ice crystal version. The refrigerator comes with a large 630L storage capacity and has 6 compartments to store different food items.

Mijia Refrigerator 630L Ice Crystal Version Features

The new refrigerator comes with a sleek design. The body of the refrigerator is covered with glass giving it a transparent, hence the moniker “Ice crystal”. The Mijia refrigerator side door 630L ice crystal version has a Morandi gray finish giving it a smooth texture and soft design making it ideal for every kind of home style.


The surface is covered with ice crystal glass. The glass material is easy to clean, anti-scratch, anti-fume, and simple to maintain. The surface glass is also very durable and is likely to last long.

The Mijia refrigerator 630L ice crystal version has a large volume of 630L. The refrigerator has a total of 20 compartments of fine storage space and a total of 6 independent drawers for the freezer room and the refrigerator room.

The refrigerator compartment is 407L and the freezer compartment is 223L. The overall space of the refrigerator is increased by 50%, allowing you to keep different ingredients in different compartments and set the desired temperature for each.

In terms of performance, the Mijia refrigerator 630L ice crystal version is equipped with a top-notch Embraco inverter compressor. The compressor is the core component of any refrigerator. The Embraco compressor in the new Mijia refrigerator is a well-known high-end compressor by an industry-leading brand. It can provide stronger refrigeration performance and lower noise. Not only that, the Embraco compressor comes with a 10-year warranty.


The refrigerator also comes with noise reduction technology which brings the operating noise as low as 36dB. It also offers first-class energy efficiency, with power consumption as low as 0.95 kWh per day.

Furthermore, the refrigerator uses a 360-degree air-cooling cycle that is faster and more consistent than standard direct-cooling refrigerators, preventing frost formation. A deodorization module and a UV sterilization module are also fitted to break down odors and sanitize the compartment for an extended period of time.

The refrigerator features a disinfection function that can filter bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus up to 92%. Mijia refrigerator 630L ice crystal version also supports Mijia APP, XiaoAI voice control, and OTA online upgrade.

Mijia Refrigerator 630L Ice Crystal Version price

The Mijia refrigerator 630L ice crystal version comes with a price tag of 4099 Yuan which is around $615. The product is available for sale in China and can be purchased through Jingdong and Mi Store. We have no news on whether the product will be available globally or not.

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