Xiaomi Mijia Smart Doorbell 2 – All-in-one doorbell by Xiaomi

In this post, we will be looking at Xiaomi Mijia Smart Doorbell 2. Xiaomi is known for creating products that provide high value and remain affordable. Its smartphones are already popular worldwide, but Xiaomi doesn’t stop there, It is dedicated to providing high-quality home appliances Under its sub-brand Mijia. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Doorbell 2 is one such product. This device combines the functionality of a standard doorbell, intercom, and video communication. This smart doorbell can provide an extra layer of security to your household. Let’s learn more about it!

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Doorbell 2: Features Overview

This smart doorbell by Xiaomi is the best choice if you don’t have an intercom in your house and are worried about security. It’s an all-in-one doorbell that comes with an intercom, video communication, and of course standard doorbell features.

The announced price for this product was 199 yuan which is around $28, but that’s the price for the Chinese market, It will be comparatively higher in the international markets.

Xiaomi Mijia smart doorbell 2 comes with two components- The doorbell which comes with an adhesive back to easily stick it wherever you want and a speaker which will be powered by the mains. You can easily connect it with your smartphone or smart device from the MI home app.

The smart Doorbell 2 is an upgrade to the doorbell named Zero smart doorbell which was launched back in 2018. In terms of design, the Xiaomi Mijia smart Doorbell 2 comes in a compact-rectangular shape. The black-colored product has rounded edges and the design looks neat.

If you recall, Its functionalities are pretty similar to the black ring doorbell 2 which is extremely popular in the US. Especially the Ring doorbell black faceplate. Although the galaxy black ring faceplate costs only around $15.

Xiaomi Mijia smart doorbell 2 comes with an AI-enabled camera that can detect motion and recognize the face of the visitors. It also clicks a picture and sends it to the connected smartphone every time it notices someone at the door. It has a pretty decent camera with a 139° camera angle. The video doorbell can also function well at nighttime with its IR LED sensors. It supports Android4.3 Or iOS9.0 and above.

Overall this product can provide a good value to the people who are looking for an intercom but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. It is an highly utilizable device which can help you enhance the security of your house.

Xiaomi also launched a smart doorbell which comes with a viewer screen, Read more about it here

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