Xiaomi Smart Cat Eye 1S Black-Increase your home’s safety


Xiaomi is focused on expanding its ecosystem. It is entering the electronic home appliances market through its sub-brand Mijia. Xiaomi recently launched a smart door camera called Smart Cat Eye 1S, A door camera that also functions as a doorbell. This device can significantly improve your home’s security by providing you with a clear preview of the person standing outside your front door. In this post, we will discuss the features and specifications of the Xiaomi Smart cat Eye 1S. Let’s begin

Xiaomi Smart Cat Eye 1S- The latest surveillance tool by Xiaomi

The Xiaomi smart Cat Eye 1S was launched at an official price of 699 yuan ($110). As of now, the product is only being sold in China and there is no news on when it will hit the international markets.

Xiaomi smart cat eye 1S price

The Smart Cat Eye 1S has two components: a video doorbell integrated with video camera and a viewer screen, The former is installed on the outside of the door and the latter is mounted inside the door. It can effortlessly fit in any door.

The viewer screen features a 5-inch IPS LCD, The screen is fully tempered and is also laminated. The camera in the doorbell is high definition 1080P which is capable of delivering good-quality video output. The screen on the inside of the door not only shows the outside visuals but also collects information like weather, temperature, and much more.

Users can connect multiple devices to the Xiaomi Smart Cat Eye 1S using the Mijia smart linkage so that anyone in the home can answer the door.

The camera in the door bell comes with an F2.0 aperture and a 160-degree viewing angle which can give you a good view of the surroundings and the person standing by. Its infrared fill lights allow it to monitor continuously throughout the day. This means that the door is monitored both during the day and at night. It captures very clear images and videos even in the low light.

Xiaomi smart cat eye 1S camera demo

This smart device features a massive 8000 mAh that lasts almost forever, 6 months to be precise. With one time charge, it can give you up to 6 months of nonstop monitoring and you can easily charge it with the help of its USB-C port.  A USB Type-C charging connector comes packed with this product.

The gadget has the ability of face recognition and keeps the memory of the people it has previously identified. It has two microphones and speaker which enables you to communicate with the visitors at the door with the help of Xiaomi’s AI touchscreen. This feature doesn’t come as default, and needs to be configured.

Xiaomi smart cat eye 1S Face recognition

The Xiaomi Smart Cat Eye 1S can also notify its user when there is any suspicious activity outside the home or if a person is detected. The door camera includes a voice-changing tool for communication, which Xiaomi endorses as a safety feature. The door camera can also be used to initiate video calls, which can then be answered remotely.

From March 31, the Xiaomi Smart Cat Eye 1s will be available through official retail stores as well as other outlets. There are currently no details on the model’s global availability or pricing.

Seeing all its latest innovations it is evident that with Xiaomi everything can be smart, be it a door camera or even a toothbrush. The Xiaomi Smart Cat eye 1S comes loaded with features that can provide your home with an extra layer of security at a reasonable price. It will be interesting to see when Xiaomi launches this smart device globally.

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