Xiaomi Prototype Devices That Tried the Under-Screen Camera Before MIX 4!

As you know, Xiaomi released first under-screen camera device Mi MIX 4 5G (odin) in August 2021.

It’s a flagship device. Includes Snapragon 888+ SoC, FHD+ 120HZ CUP (camera-under-panel) AMOLED screen, 108 MP f/1.9 OIS main, 8 MP f/4.1 – 120mm OIS telephoto,13 MP, f/2.2 – 12mm ultra-wide and 20MP under-display front camera. device equipped with stereo Harman Kardon and 120W PD 3.0 fast charging.

Good. But, Xiaomi’s first under-display camera device isn’t MIX 4.

Xiaomi’s CUP (camera under display) project consists of 4 generations, and MIX 4 which was released is a 4th generation CUP device. What about the devices in the other 3 generations? Maybe the device you hold in your hand, was the CUP prototype before it was released.

Perhaps for the first time, you will be able to see other prototype CUP devices up close, with the difference of Xiaomiui. Let’s get started then.

1st Generation CUP Prototype – Mi 9 (cepheus)

Yes you heard right. Mi 9 was a CUP device. I think it is admirable that Xiaomi succeeded in this work more than 2 years ago. Device specifications same as Mi 9, model number is F5.

This is the “underdisplay” lines that we detected in the Xiaomi “cepheus” device tree. It belongs to the unreleased Mi 9 CUP prototype. Prototype’s front camera is probably Samsung S5K3T1. Sensor is 20MP.

We’ve detected another prototype Mi 9 (F5) model in our database. It’s probably the unreleased MIX 4 prototype.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if the Mi 9 was released with an under-screen camera?

2nd Generation CUP Prototype – Mi 9 Pro 5G (crux)

Actually, Mi 9 Pro (crux) here is considered Mi 10 (umi) – Mi 9 Pro (crux) mixed another prototype. Based on Mi 10 (umi) prototype and model number starts “20”. Hardware specs are the same except for the screen – camera. Prototype front cameras already Samsung S5K3T1. 3rd Generation Mi 10 (umi) prototype photos is available here.

3rd Generation CUP Prototypes – Mi 10 (umi) / Mi 10 Ultra (cas)

Two more prototype devices! This is now the last generation prototypes before releasing MIX 4. Photos below are of the Mi 10 (umi) CUP prototype.

Now let’s look at the Mi 10 Ultra (cas) CUP prototypes.

Here is a comparison with the Mi 10 (umi) prototype. (Mi 10 prototype isn’t CUP)

Here is the comparison with the 2nd Generation CUP prototype Mi 9 Pro (crux).

under-screen camera traces are visible

Under-screen camera traces are visible in the above photos. Now let’s take a look at the Mi 10 Ultra (cas) prototype front camera tests. Photo on the left was taken with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The one on the right with the under-screen camera of the Mi 10 Ultra (cas) prototype. The prototype device took some bad pictures.

Another comparison Mi 9 Pro (crux) and Mi 10 Ultra (cas).

Mi 10 (umi) (not CUP prototype) and Mi 10 Ultra (cas). Screen and camera testing.


We saw that Xiaomi produced about 4 more devices with under-display cameras before Mi MIX 4. The under-screen camera project dates back to 2019. Stay tuned for new unreleased prototype news.

(If you want to see some more prototype devices, follow here.)

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