Xiaomi revealed 70″ Redmi A70 TV in China!

Xiaomi has been selling TVs all over the world and now they released Redmi A70 in China. Xiaomi is a company that sells televisions in Europe and India but it’s not easy to guarantee that every item unveiled in China will be available worldwide. Xiaomi’s new television with a massive display is here!

Redmi A70

Xiaomi’s new TV comes in black color. Redmi A70 has a massive 70″ display with 4K resolution (3840*2160). It has a metal body surrounding the display. As seen on the image down below, the TV can be used in the wall mounted state.

Redmi A70 equips a dual speaker system (each speaker is 10W) and it has Wi-Fi support. With the help of wireless connectivity, it allows you to cast the screen to devices running Android, Windows or MacOS.

Redmi A70 can also control other Xiaomi smart devices through the app made by Xiaomi. It includes variety of Xiaomi smart devices in the app. Xiaomi introduces many different smart devices in China.

This television has undergone quality control, according to Xiaomi. The buttons on the television were repeatedly pressed thousands of times and continued to function in temperatures as high as 60 degrees and as low as -25 degrees.

Alongside the classic ports on TVs, Redmi A70 features 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports and 1 Ethernet port for the wired internet connection. Redmi A70 is priced at 2199 CNY at the moment which equals to 305 USD. It’s at discount in China for a limited time, after the sales end it will be priced at 2999 CNY (417 USD).

What do you think about Redmi A70 television? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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