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[Updated] Xiaomi slows down phones, users were misunderstanding

A Mi 10T user at the Xiaomi China Forum noticed that although users phone has LPDDR5 RAM type but when user did a benchmark test, results gives LPDDR4 RAM type speeds. According to our findings, this RAM problem is present not only in Mi 10T also in all Snapdragon 865 devices.

Update: Benchmark results are not true, there is no problem

JustAnotherDooood, a Reddit user, said that A1SD benchmark test results were not accurate. He said that the A1 SD benchmark test only calculates copy speed and therefore gives very different results than what users what.

He said that when he uses the Passmark application instead of the A1 SD benchmark test for benchmarking, it gave results that should be like 3.9 GBPS.

To summarize, there is no problem. There is just a misunderstanding. This misunderstanding is a problem caused by using the wrong benchmark application.

False News | RAM Speed Problem

LPDDR5 RAM technology provides RAM speed up to 4 GBPS. When RAM reaches these speeds, it allows you to control your background processes faster. Being able to control faster means better performance. However, the problem that a Mi User noticed is that it provides lower speed on the Mi 10T device with LPDDR5 RAM technology. These results provide 1.5 GBPS speeds, while it should be at 4 GBPS speeds. There is a difference of 2.5 times between them.

Xiaomi community user tryigitx reported benchmark results of Mi 10T. Many users stated that they have the same RAM speed problem. Another Redmi user shared the Redmi K20 Benchmark results. In the shared benchmark results, the Redmi K20 gets 2.9GBPS. This showed that the RAM speed of the Mi 10T was even slower than the Mi 9T using LPDDR4X.

The same user, as a result of his research, realized that the RAM speed was limited via the kernel. The RAM value, which should normally be DDR13, but it is limited to DDR11 by Xiaomi.

Give your support to Xiaomi Slowdown Issues

Users want support from everyone to find a solution to this problem. If we, as users, support the problem on the Xiaomi Community, we think that Xiaomi will not make this restriction again. The problem that happened for Mi 10T today and it may also happen to your phone tomorrow. You can comment to solve this problem from Mi Community.

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