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Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10: Amazing Remote Control

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 is announced a short time ago. It is a screen that makes your home smart. Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 has a 10.1-inch panel with HD resolution. It supports an angle between 90º and 120º. It is an effective screen for both adults and children. You can listen to music, make video calls, and control your smart home with this screen. It is a more innovative version of Xiaomi Smart Display Speaker Pro 8.

These are the different uses of Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10:

  • Smart central control screen: You can whole-house control.
  • Family entertainment screen: You can enjoy the fun with its 10.1” high-definition large screen.
  • Children’s learning screen: Your child can use the screen’s children’s contents.

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 Features

The main feature of the Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 is that you can control your home. You can control the smart home’s features such as lighting, environment, socket switches, monitoring, curtains, and housework. This smart home screen supports multi-scene interconnection. You can connect other smart devices to the smart home screen. It can control 3000+ smart devices.

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 offers face tracking. It can occupy the C position without looking for a lens, and video chatting is more enjoyable with its face tracking. It can also be used for home security. You can remotely check the home situation, the elderly, children, and pets can be safe. It is equipped with Xiao Ai. This assistant helps you at controlling your home. The smart home screen automatically recognizes children’s faces and turns on the children’s mode.

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 Design

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 is designed with a 10.1” high-definition large screen. You can watch content with high viewing quality thanks to its large screen. It has a metal bracket, mesh fabric, and a simple one-piece design. It is suitable for different home styles. It has a 90°-120° screen elevation angle. It can be step-less adjustable. Xiaomi thought details of a camera much in this product. There is a camera paddle on this screen. You can use physical blocking to protect privacy.

The smart home screen has stereo dual speakers. It offers good sound uninterrupted thanks to its dual speakers. You can listen to music, radio, audiobooks, and hundreds of millions of audio content can be heard in good quality. Also, it has a low blue light certification. It has a children’s mode. Your children can use the screen safely with its children mode.

Xiaomi Smart Home Screen 10 is an innovative and effective product from many perspectives. This product, which can be used by all house members, can benefit you most in the remote control of your home. Now, its price is 999 元 on Xiaomi’s global website. If you have tried the product or are thinking of trying it, let’s meet in the comments.

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