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Xiaomi Smart Power Strip Review

Nowadays many things that we use at our homes and workplaces operate with electricity. Due to wanting to use them as conveniently as possible, you might be leaving them plugged. While some people remove the plugs after each use, it may not be something you like doing. Also, if you have lots of cables attached to the same place, it can be a bit difficult to do this. But if you want to easily disconnect the devices you don’t use from the electric source, you can use Xiaomi Smart Power Strip.

There may be many good reasons to use a smart power strip. Firstly, you might be wanting to cut back on your electric use. Even though it may be a small amount, devices you are not using but keep plugged on can use electricity during stand by mode. While such electric usage may be small, it can get quite big over time. Besides, for some devices, keeping them plugged even when you are not using them, may have some dangers. However unplugging every electrical device after each use may be inconvenient and have its own downsides. In this case, Xiaomi Smart Power Strip can be a great product to use. Here on this review we are going to take a detailed look into the features of this product.

Xiaomi Smart Power Strip Technical Specs

So, if you want to save electricity and avoid some hazards with certain devices, using a power strip can be helpful. Because having to unplug devices after each use can be inconvenient and burdensome. There are many different power strips out there on the market. And the technical specs, design, price and many other features of these power strips differ from each other. In order to make a good choice in terms of picking a power strip, we can start by checking out its specs.

As far as the technical specs of Xiaomi Smart Power Strip, we will take a look at its many different features. For example, we will examine the size of this smart power strip as well as its weight and cable length. Because these are important factors to consider in a power strip. Then we will examine the materials used in its making. After this, we will learn about its input and output voltage levels and its wattage level. Finally we will see this product’s operating temperature range. So, we are going to take a detailed look at the specs of this smart power strip.

Size, Weight and Cable Length

If you are thinking of buying Xiaomi Smart Power Strip device, you might be curious about its size. Because when taking a look at power strips to buy, you want it to fit the place you are going to use it in. Along with it you want it to have enough sockets for the amount of devices you will be using. Otherwise it may not be enough for your needs. So the size of the power strip matters a lot in terms of usefulness. And it is important that it is neither too big nor too small.

As far as size goes, many users won’t really need to concern themselves with it if they get this device as their power strip. Because it has a good amount of sockets and it is a fairly small device. There are several options of this product that have different amount of sockets. For example, there are options with three, four or six sockets as well as three usb ports. Aside from having many options with varying amount of sockets, these options are not that huge. For instance, the dimensions of the one with three sockets and three usb ports are  225 x 41 x 26 mm. So in inches, its dimensions are rougly around 8.85 x 1.6 x 1.02. Also other options are quite compact and don’t take up much space either. Therefore, in terms of size, this product is a fairly good option.

Now let’s talk about the weight of this product. Because it is another factor that may matter to many users. For its weight, we are going ot take a look at the option with three sockets and three usb ports again. It weighs around 300 grams including the cable. So it is a fairly light product as well. Then the total length of the product is 1.8 meters (~70.8 inches). Considering that the device length is 22.5 cm, the length of the cable must be around 1.6 meters (~62.9 inches). Therefore in terms of size, weight and cable length, this product can be quite a good choice.

Materials and Temperature Range

Up to this point we have taken a look at some of the important specs of this product such as size, cable length and so on. Along with these important specs, other factors such as the materials used in making the product matter as well. Because power strips distribute power between many different devices. Therefore they get in contact with electricity for long periods of time. So when looking to buy a new power strip, it is important ot take a look at its materials. Since it is a tool that gets in contact with electricity, the materials have great importance.

With Xiaomi Smart Power Strip, the outer layer is made out of polycarbonate that is resistant to flame. So it is a type of high quality plastic that has resistance against fire. And for the internal structure of the device, it has high quality tin phosphor bronze. So it is a device that is made with high quality materials that are appropriate for the device’s usage area. Then the operating temperature of the device is between around -10°C to 40°C (~14°F to 104°F).

Also in terms of safety, the device has several protection methods. For example, according to some sources, the outer shell is made from material that is resistant to high temperatures up to 750°C. Besides, the device monitors its internal temperature and warns about important temperature increases through the Mijia APP. Moreover if the temperature is too high, the smart socket powers off on its own. In addition, it has overload protection, which protects the power strip from short circuits and burning. So this smart power strip is designed with precautions that aim to make it safer for the user.

Input, Output and Power

After checking out many other specs that are quite important, now let’s take a look at the rated voltage and wattage levels of this device. The rated voltage level of this product is 240 V. However some sources state that Xiaomi Smart Power Strip can handle 100-240 V. Therefore it is quite versatile and can work in many regions. Then the rated output voltage of this product is around 250 V.

Finally the max current of the device is 10 A and its maximum load is 2500 W. Also let’s not forget that the device’s socket is Chinese standard socket. So you might need an adapter to plug the device to your region’s sockets.

How Can Xiaomi Smart Power Strip Make Your Life Easier?

When deciding to buy any product it is common to take a look at specs and so on. However, what really matters is how you can use the product and how it can make your life easier. So, with Xiaomi Smart Power Strip, you might be asking the same question.

Xiaomi Smart Power Strip Technical Specs
Xiaomi Smart Power Strip Box

Basically this product can impact your life in many different ways. Firstly by disconnecting the devices you are not using from the power source, it can help with lowering electricity use. Then it also has USB ports, which make it possible for you to charge many different kinds of devices without a charging adapter. Then with its app, it is possible to remotely turn on and off the devices that are plugged to it.

Are There Different Versions Of Xiaomi Smart Power Strip On The Market?

If you have been trying to find Xiaomi Smart Power Strip online, you must have noticed that there are several different versions. In this review, we mostly took the features of the one with three sockets and three USB port.

However, this is not the only version of this product. There are also versions of it on the market with six sockets and three USB ports as well as four sockets and three USB ports.

Xiaomi Smart Power Strip Design

When we are buying a new device, the design usually matters a lot. And this is also true for power strips. Although many people forget about it, how a power strip looks is quite important as well. Because you will likely put it in a location where it may be easily visible.

What you are getting with Xiaomi Smart Power Strip in terms of design is simplicity and elegance. While there are several different versions of this product, they all have a pretty good looking design. The main noticeable things about this product’s design is that it is basic, functional and stylish.

Xiaomi Smart Power Strip Price

Along with features such as technical specs and design, price is another important factor to consider. Luckily, Xiaomi Smart Power Strip doesn’t have a very expensive price, especially considering its many awesome features.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that this product’s price may vary depending on factors like the version you pick and the store you buy it from. But for the version with three sockets and three USB ports, the prices usually range between $25 to $40. While this price change may change over time, right now we can say that this product is not too expensive.

Xiaomi Smart Power Strip Pros and Cons

Right now you might be struggling to decide whether you will get this product or not. Because taking these many factors we have talked about into consideration may be difficult. So here is a list of pros and cons of Xiaomi Smart Power Strip to make this process easier for you.


  • A small, beautifully designed power strip with a fairly long cable.
  • High quality materials and many safety precautions.
  • Easy to use and offers wifi connection and remote control with its app.


  • Remote control for each different socket could’ve been amazing. However it doesn’t have this feature.
  • The charging speed of USB ports is not that fast.

Xiaomi Smart Power Strip Review Summary

In this review we took a detailed look at the features of Xiaomi Smart Power Strip. So at this point you must be starting to see if it is a product that you want or not. However, you might also be finding it hard to decide with all the factors to consider.

Therefore, as a short overview of all the things that we talked about, we can say that this product is a well designed, highly functional and easy to use smart power strip. If you are looking to buy a new power strip, then this one can be a good option to check out.

What Are Xiaomi Smart Power Strip User Opinions Like?

There are many people out there who use this product as their power strip option. While many users like Xiaomi Smart Power Strip, there are some who dislike it for not being able to remotely control each socket.

However there are many users who like this product for the convenience that it offers. So depending on what they expect from a power strip, different users have different opinions about this product.

Is Xiaomi Smart Power Strip Worth Buying?

If you are planning to buy a power strip, this one can be a very good choice. Because it is a smart power strip with high quality materials and a very good design. With this product it is possible to disconnect the devices you are not using from the power source in a convenient way.

At the end of the day whether it is worth buying Xiaomi Smart Power Strip or not for you is something that only you can decide. Depending on what you expect from a power strip, you might end up liking or not liking this product.

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