Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Car Review — Good for Kids

Will a ‘’Smart RC Car’’ controlled by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi be the future? Will we be using our phones to control our RC Cars? Who knows in the future? The Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Car is really nice looking and has bags of potential, but the price is a little disappointing.

This model is also known as Xiaomi Bluetooth RC Suzuki Jimny Trail Truck. It was made for the Chinese domestic market. So, everything is in Chinese, there is no English. It is four-wheel drive, left and right, and it is Bluetooth enabled. So that you can control it with your phone.

Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Car Review

It comes neatly packaged, and you get a USB charger and a set of instructions that are all in Chinese. Also, there is a set of stickers in the package, and after that, you can see the yellow car in there.

It looks really nice and looking at the wheels, they are relatively hard. It has no LEDs but looks really nice. On the scale looks of these solid front and rear axle plastic driveshafts, all your electronics and gubbins are up in its friction dampers.

It charges via the USB cable, and it does not take too long to charge. It is only 500mAh battery power. On the back, there is a little power button. You can control the car through the Mi Smart RC Car app, and we will show you how you can do it.

Mi Smart RC Car App

The app is called Mi Mi Smart RC Car, you can download it on Google Play Store, and there is a Chinese version on the Apple Store. Turn the power on through the button on the back of the Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Car.

Then, you can press connect on the Mi Smart RC Car app, then tap your name on the screen. You can change the settings and preferences. You can also see the information about the Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Car.

On the left up corner, there is your steering trim, steering rate, steering throttle reverse, and steering reverse options. You can control the Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Car with the gyro technology on your phone. So, the steering is only done with gyro, but forward and backward do not work with that.

It is controlled by the buttons on the screen. The left button works as forward/backward, and the right button works as right/left operation. Near the right button, there is a little auxiliary break, and you can disable it if you want.

On the other side, there is a speed limiter, and you can turn it on/off by tapping that button. It just reduces the speed a little bit. We must say that it is not too easy to use with your phone, but you can used to it in time.


It performs better than most of the remote control cars. It may be a bit too sluggish, and a bit too slow, but still, it is a good car. You can change the car by extensions, and Xiaomi offers it. It works as quiet, and you can hear the sounds when it is getting stressed.

It does not have a whole lot of torque, so you have to give it a lot of gas. It can go through any obstacles easily.


  • Net Weight: 350g
  • Color: Yellow-Green
  • Dimension: 235x120x115mm
  • Charging: 90 minutes
  • Usage: 30 minutes
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Driving Mode: Four-Wheel Drive
  • Battery: 500mAh

Is Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Car the best Car?

It has a license from Suzuki, a hard body, pretty nice details, four-wheel-drive suspension, and independent shocks. The trick up its sleeve is just controlled by the smartphone. It has good performance and is worth the price. We cannot say that it is the best remote control car on the market, but it has made a noise well. You can buy the Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Car on Aliexpress.

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