Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control Review | IR is still alive

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is more than a speaker. It presents some features of innovative technology. It is both a smart clock and a smart speaker. As you can tell from the name it has IR control. It can also wise control your home products. IR control can work approximately 10 meters in unobstructed environments.

These are the main features of Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control:

  • Balanced sound field
  • Stereo playback*
  • Google Assistant built-in*
  • IR Control*
  • Smart home control center*
  • LED clock display

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control Features

The most colorful feature of Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is its fun melodies. You can choose your favorite songs when setting the alarm. You can wake up with fun melodies. This feature is important for starting the day in a good mood. Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR has Google Duo. So, multiple smart speakers can be connected for hands-free calls.

The smart speaker supports Google Assistant. You can use different voice commands to control this product. To play music, find out the weather, learn the news and change the volume, you can say “Ok Google.” The most innovative feature of Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is the IR transmitter module. Its built-in IR transmitter module is combined with Google Assistant. It can achieve voice control of home appliances when you are in the room.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control Design

It is a blend of technology and craftsmanship. It has an elegant and compact body. It is a product of calming color scheme. Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control has increased capacity and design. It has a cavity design and an all-side speaker cone. Its innovative design supports great sound from all angles.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control offers sonorous stereo with its design and technology. You can combine two devices of the same model. You can enjoy playing music, podcasts, and news with its Bluetooth connection. So, you can do anything with just one click. It can win your liking with an elegant and practical design.

Xiaomi Smart Speaker IR Control is your smart clock and smart speaker. It presents innovative technology and elegant design. It can be one of the affordable Xiaomi home products that can make your home smart. It can be a good choice to check the time, start the day with your favorite song or follow the news.

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