Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro Series Review

Xiaomi continues to shape the world of smart televisions with its technological innovations and user-friendly designs. Smart TV X Pro Series, unveiled on April 13th, 2023, stands out as a strong competitor in the smart TV market with its impressive screens, rich sound quality, and smart features. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro Series, including its Screen, Sound Features, Performance, Connectivity Options, Other Technological Features, Control Features, Power Supply, Software Features, and Prices. We will evaluate how good this series, consisting of three different models, is and its affordability.


Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series offers three different screen size options: 43 inches, 50 inches, and 55 inches, making it adaptable to various spaces and viewing preferences. The screen’s color gamut covers 94% of DCI-P3, providing vivid and rich colors. With a screen resolution of 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160), it delivers clear and detailed images.

Supported by visual technologies such as Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, and HLG, this TV enhances your visual experience. Additionally, with features like reality flow and adaptive brightness, it provides a vibrant image. The Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series is a satisfying choice for both watching movies and playing games.

Sound Features

The audio features of the Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series are designed to provide users with an impressive sound experience. The 50-inch and 55-inch models come with two 40W speakers, delivering powerful and balanced sound. The 43-inch model, on the other hand, has two 30W speakers but still offers high-quality audio.

These televisions support audio technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS X, enhancing the surround and rich sound experience while watching movies, TV shows, or playing games. These audio features make your TV viewing or gaming experiences even more enjoyable and immersive. The Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series appears to be designed to meet users’ expectations in terms of both visual and audio quality.


Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series offers a powerful performance, providing users with an impressive experience. These TVs feature a quad-core A55 processor, enabling fast responses and smooth operations. The Mali G52 MP2 graphics processor delivers excellent performance for graphic-intensive tasks like gaming and high-resolution videos. With 2GB of RAM, you can seamlessly switch between multiple tasks and applications, while the 16GB of built-in storage provides ample space for storing your favorite apps and media content.

These hardware specifications ensure that the Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series delivers sufficient performance for everyday use, TV watching, gaming, and other entertainment activities. With its fast processor, good graphic performance, and ample memory and storage space, this TV allows users to experience their desired content smoothly.

Connectivity Features

Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series is equipped with powerful connectivity features. Bluetooth 5.0 support allows you to seamlessly connect with wireless headphones, speakers, mice, keyboards, and other devices. This enables you to create a personal audio experience, easily control your TV, or pair your TV with other devices.

Additionally, with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, this TV enables you to use high-speed internet. The 2×2 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology provides a stronger and more stable wireless connection, ensuring that video streams, games, and other online content load faster and more reliably.

Other Technological Features

The Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series not only stands out with its exceptional picture quality and sound performance but also boasts remarkable technological features, enhancing the user experience and delivering a more enjoyable usage.

Ambient Light Sensor

Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series is equipped with an ambient light sensor capable of detecting ambient lighting conditions. This feature actively monitors the light levels in the environment where your TV is placed, automatically adjusting screen brightness and color temperature.

Consequently, it ensures the best possible image quality in any setting. For instance, when watching in a dark room at night, the screen brightness decreases, while it increases when viewing in a well-lit living room during the day. This feature provides an optimal viewing experience without straining your eyes.

Far-Field Microphone

Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series includes a far-field microphone. This microphone allows your TV to pick up voice commands with greater precision. This enables users to control the TV using voice commands, eliminating the need to search for the remote control or press buttons.

You can now effortlessly find your desired content or control your TV with a simple voice command. Additionally, it offers the capability to interact with smart home devices. For example, saying “Turn off the lights” allows the TV to control connected smart lights or issue commands to other smart devices.

ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)

For gaming enthusiasts, Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series offers a significant advantage when playing games or using gaming consoles. TV automatically activates the Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM). This results in a smoother and more responsive gaming experience while minimizing input lag. In moments where every second counts in gaming, this feature maximizes your gaming performance.

These technological features enable the Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro series to provide a smarter, more user-friendly, and captivating experience. Each of these features has been specifically designed to enhance your TV viewing and entertainment experience. With its compatibility with modern lifestyles and user-friendly design, this TV presents an excellent choice for tech enthusiasts.

Control Features

Xiaomi Smart TV X enhances the television experience by offering convenient control features. The “Quick Mute” feature allows you to quickly mute the sound by double-clicking the volume-down button. “Quick Settings” provides access to a quick settings menu by long-pressing the PatchWall button, allowing you to personalize your TV and quickly adjust settings.

With “Quick Wake,” you can turn on your TV in just 5 seconds, so you can start watching quickly. These user-friendly control features make the Xiaomi Smart TV X a more accessible device.

Power Supply

Xiaomi Smart TV X is designed with energy efficiency and compatibility with various operating conditions in mind. Its voltage range of 100-240V and the ability to operate at 50/60Hz frequency make this television usable worldwide. Power consumption can vary, with ranges of 43-100W, 50-130W, and 55-160W, allowing users to meet different energy requirements.

It is suitable for operation in environments with temperatures ranging from 0°C to 40°C and a relative humidity range of 20% to 80%. Additionally, for storage, it can be kept in conditions with temperatures ranging from -15°C to 45°C and a relative humidity level below 80%.

Software Features

Xiaomi Smart TV X comes with robust software support to enhance your viewing experience. PatchWall personalizes the TV watching experience and provides quick access to content. IMDb integration allows you to easily access more information about movies and series. Universal search lets you find the content you’re looking for in seconds, and with over 300 live channels, you can enjoy a rich TV experience. Parental lock and child mode provide secure content control for families, while smart recommendations and support for over 15 languages cater to everyone’s needs.

With YouTube integration, you can enjoy your favorite videos on the big screen. The Android TV 10 operating system ensures a smooth user experience and supports voice control with the “Ok Google” command. Built-in Chromecast allows you to easily cast content from your smartphone, and Play Store provides access to a wide range of applications. Furthermore, Xiaomi Smart TV X supports a wide range of video, audio, and image formats. Video formats include AV1, H.265, H.264, H.263, VP8/VP9/VC1, and MPEG1/2/4, while audio formats encompass popular codecs like Dolby, DTS, FLAC, AAC, AC4, OGG, and ADPCM. Image format support for PNG, GIF, JPG, and BMP allows you to comfortably view different media files on your TV.


The Xiaomi Smart TV X Pro Series comes with three different pricing options. The 43-inch Xiaomi Smart TV X43 is priced at around $400. If you prefer a slightly larger screen, you have the option of choosing the 50-inch Xiaomi Smart TV X50 for approximately $510, or the Xiaomi Smart TV X55 for around $580.

Xiaomi Smart TV X Series appears as a strong contender in the smart TV market. Designed with a wide range of features, this series competes comfortably with other televisions. Particularly, its offering of three different screen size options allows it to better cater to user preferences. With high-quality image and sound performance, along with smart TV functionality, Xiaomi Smart TV X Series enriches the smart TV experience.

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