Xiaomi to reveal portable Bluetooth speaker Sound Move and Xiaomi Buds 4 with 192 kHz audio!

Xiaomi continues to offer new extra products that will be introduced alongside Xiaomi 13 Ultra, including Sound Move portable Bluetooth speaker and Xiaomi Buds 4. Xiaomi is planning to reveal the Xiaomi 13 Ultra on April 18th, and they will also reveal other products such as Xiaomi Pad 6 series, Xiaomi Band 8, and various audio products. It appears that Xiaomi aims to encourage people to become part of their ecosystem during this launch event, all the smart devices at once. Let’s start with Sound Move.

Xiaomi Sound Move

Xiaomi has previously released soundbars, but Xiaomi Sound Move is unique in that it has been designed in a compact form factor suitable for outdoor use scenarios. Many audio companies already offer Bluetooth soundbars with a compact design and Xiaomi is gearing up to compete with the existing players.

Xiaomi posted an image of Sound Move on Weibo (Chinese social media platform). Xiaomi Sound Move will be introduced on April 18, the same day as Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Currently, there is limited information available regarding the specifications of Bluetooth speaker. The image of the Sound Move reveals a clean and modern design, with buttons located in the left sideof the soundbar for adjusting volume, pausing audio, and controlling Bluetooth connectivity. As more details become available, we will keep you informed.

Xiaomi Buds 4 with 192 kHz audio

Xiaomi Buds 4 is currently available in China, and Xiaomi is reportedly enhancing the audio quality even further through a firmware update. The earbuds are equipped with LHDC codec support, and 192kHz audio is available on some smartphones only. At present, LHDC 5.0 192kHz audio is supported with Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Xiaomi 13 Pro, and Xiaomi 13, while other models are still under development process. Note that phones with MediaTek SoC won’t support LHDC 5.0 at all.

Xiaomi Buds 4 comes in three different colors black, white and green. Earbuds feature three microphones, allowing for noise cancellation to be applied during calls, ensuring that your voice is transmitted clearly to the other end. Xiaomi Buds 4 is equipped with fast charging, where just 10 minutes of charging can provide roughly 2.5 hours of listening time. Furthermore, the earbuds themselves boast a battery life of 6 hours, with the charging case capable of delivering up to 30 hours of total usage. It is IP54 certified and water and dust resistant.

We’ll keep you informed once we have more details, don’t forget to comment what you think!

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