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Xiaomi toilet paper: You can’t go to the toilet without this

This is a weird product by Xiaomi. Full name is Xiaomi Wuro Xiujia. That product don’t have any Xiaomi logo. But it released by Xiaomi ecological chain company and Xiaomi Youpin selling it. There are 2 options of Xiaomi Wuro Xiujia. First one is Natural bamboo fiber Bacteriostatic paper, second one is Xiaomi Wuro Xiujia White Roll Paper.

What is difference between normal toilet papers ?

Xiaomi Wuro Xiujia has 4 layers thickening. Thats mean it’s so stronger than others. And it’s bacteriostatic and saves nature. There is a reason for buying this product. It has strong water absorption. Nevertheless it’s hard to rupture. Also it hasn’t harmful chemicals. So very healty for our skin. And it has so softy surface. Also reason of durabilty is this special toilet paper is flexible.

Some pics from Natural bamboo fiber Bacteriostatic paper variant

This one is Natural bamboo fiber Bacteriostatic variant. That variant using bamboo for making this paper’s layers. And its appearance is more elegant than the other one. And it gets its color from bamboo. This color makes it look like something totally special than white variant.

Some pics from White Roll Paper variant

This one is White Roll Paper variant. That variant not using any natural thing like bamboo. Just made from high quality 4 layers paper. But this one looks like a normal toilet paper. Of course, do not be fooled by this, it is much better quality and useful than normal toilet paper.

What about price ?

On websites approximately 12€. But it can change based to seller. If you want to save nature and use quality product you can buy that special toilet paper. You can buy it from AliExpress.

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