Xiaomi is working on a new budget Redmi model with features close to the Redmi A1! [Updated: More Information]

Chinese electronics company Xiaomi, known for its budget-friendly smartphones, is reportedly working on a new device based on the Redmi A1. However, it is said that this new device will have a different chipset, pointing to some changes and improvements.

The Redmi A1 has been a hit among consumers due to its impressive features and affordable price. It had a 6.52 inch HD display, Mediatek Helio A22 processor, and 8 MP rear camera. The device was low-budget and ran on the Android 12 GO operating system.

This new unknown device from Xiaomi will probably offer slightly different features based on the Redmi A1. The new Redmi model is expected to be slightly better than the Redmi A1.

New budget Redmi model is coming!

The Redmi A1 was an affordable Helio A22 device and was not capable of pleasing a regular user. I guess this model wasn’t sold very much. For this reason, the remaining Redmi A1 smartphones can be refurbished and sold again. There are minor changes in some of its features, and the name of the model is changed. It is then offered for sale again like a new smartphone. The new Redmi model follows this policy. The data appearing on the FCC certificate indicates that this will happen. Here is important information about the new Redmi model!

The new Redmi model has the model number 23026RN54G. The previous Redmi A1 used Helio A22. This time the new device will be powered by Helio P35. The performance needs to increase a certain amount in the workloads required in daily use. But that doesn’t mean it will offer good gaming performance. It will not cause problems in uses such as Calling, Messaging.

We also think that this model has the codename “water“. When we check the internal MIUI tests, it seems that Android 13 Go Edition is ready for this model. The new Redmi model will be available with Android 13 Go Edition. Because the FCC certificate says Android 13. In general, the MIUI version was specified in that section. This time, however, the Android version is mentioned.

The last internal MIUI build of the new Redmi model is V14.0.1.0.TGOMIXM. This suggests that the smartphone will be available for sale in 1-2 months. We can say that the device will be offered for sale in the Global and Indian markets. There is no new information about the model yet. But it is certain that it will be close to the Redmi A1.

In any case, Xiaomi fans will have to wait for the official announcement of the company to learn more about this new unknown device. It is worth noting that this unknown device is not a completely new device, but the Redmi A1 has been refreshed, so the design, body, and some features will remain the same. Stay tuned to our website for upcoming new devices, MIUI updates and more news!

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