Xiaomi XiaoAI Portable Speaker: A compact yet powerful Bluetooth speaker

Xiaomi is already a hit with its high-quality audio products like Xiaomi XiaoAI Portable Speaker. Its headphones and speakers are extremely popular in China and other parts of the world. But what about the Bluetooth speakers? Xiaomi has an amazing lineup of Bluetooth speakers as well. One such speaker is Xiaomi XiaoAI portable speaker. As the name suggests, it is a compact speaker which easily fits in your pocket. This speaker is a pocket-size dynamite when it comes to sound. Let’s take a detailed look at what this Xiaomi XiaoAI portable speaker is capable of in this Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker review.

Xiaomi XiaoAI Portable Speaker Review 

Xiaomi has always been known to provide good quality products for a very affordable price and the Xiaomi XiaoAI portable speaker is no exception. This speaker comes at a price of 49 yuan which roughly converts to $7.

It can be purchased through Xiaomi’s official website in China. It can also be purchased internationally through various e-commerce websites. It costs around $20 out of china, you can check more details here

You can also check a similar product- Mi compact Bluetooth speaker 2 which is available for only $10 in international markets. Read the Mi compact speaker 2 review here

Let’s get into its specs and features now. It is clear from the name that Xiaomi XiaoAI portable speaker comes with XiaoAI, the company’s very own smart voice assistant. Its design will remind you of the old-school FM radios. Giving all nostalgic vibes.

The voice assistant can be used to change or pause songs when connected with a smartphone. It can also be used to know the battery status as well as to schedule a shutdown. Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker change language can be done by changing the voice assistant’s language from your device.

It’s a compact square-shaped speaker with round edges. Its dimensions are 52 x 52.7 х 27 mm It is made up of ABS+PC plastic, which makes it pretty strong and heat resistant to some extent. Xiaomi XiaoAI portable speaker has a USB Type-C port for charging. The speaker only contains two physical buttons on it. One is for the power and the other is for the mic. As far as the XiaoAI is concerned it can be activated just by saying the wake word.

Xiaomi XiaoAI portable speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity and can be easily connected if you are using MIUI OS. It will stay connected to the smartphone or other device for 10m. The battery in this device is 480 mAh and can give up to 6 hours of run time in one charge. The power rating of this portable speaker is 2W.

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