Xiaomi’s Best Smartwatch Xiaomi Watch S1: 4 Best Features You Need to Know!

Xiaomi’s ecosystem has evolved with the year 2021. Xiaomi has now focused on the smartwatch and TWS earphones and introduced its new products with great features. The very stylish Xiaomi Watch S1 has all the features you want. Thanks to its design, it can be combined with any outfit. Apart from its beautiful design, it is also very suitable for sports use and brings many fitness modes.

The Xiaomi Watch S1 allows you to track your physical condition anytime and anywhere. It perfectly collocates with the heart rate monitoring function to ensure accurate workouts. The Xiaomi Watch S1 will analyze your body after each workout and calculate the estimated calories burned accordingly. It is 1.4 inches brilliant AMOLED screen responds quickly whether you want to check the time or play a song. The 470 mAh battery provides enough power for 12 days of regular use. In addition, the watch features IP67 dust and water resistance. It’s also rugged and lightweight.

Xiaomi Watch S1

Xiaomi Watch S1 Fitness Modes

One of the first details users look for when buying a smartwatch is the training modes. The Xiaomi Watch S1 is very rich in workout modes, there are 117 different workout modes pre-installed. Among the 117 workout modes, there are 19 professional workout modes, including basketball, tennis, football and swimming. The Xiaomi Watch S1 accurately records and keeps track of your workouts thanks to its superior software and sensors. You can track the stats at your convenience via the Mi Fitness app.

Excellent Health Features

The Xiaomi Watch S1 has many useful health features. The health monitoring works great in conjunction with professional workout modes. The watch has comprehensive health monitoring for the whole day. The 24-hour heart rate monitoring tracks your heart rate even when you are sleeping. When your heart reaches a high rate that threatens your health, the Xiaomi Watch S1 automatically alerts you. It also creates a 30-day graph of your heart rate to see if your health has changed.

Like many smartwatches introduced in recent years, the Xiaomi Watch S1 supports SpO2 blood oxygen saturation. The watch can track your oxygen saturation throughout the day. It has built-in stress detection, so you can easily measure your stress level. In times of high stress, you can perform the breathing exercises preferred by the Xiaomi Watch S1 to calm yourself down.

Built-in Dual-band GPS

The GPS chip on the Xiaomi Watch S1 can accurately position and locate you wherever you are. For more accurate and faster positioning, it supports 5 different satellite positioning systems: GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS. Do not be afraid to get lost outdoors with Xiaomi Watch S1, because the built-in GPS works as stable and accurate as the built-in GPS on a smartphone.

NFC Payment

Xiaomi had tried the NFC payment feature on the NFC-supported version of the Mi Band 6 some time ago, but the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 NFC could not reach high sales figures and this payment method did not work properly. The NFC payment method is back with the Xiaomi Watch S1. It was developed in collaboration with Mastercard, and you can make quick payments with a single flick of your wrist.

Xiaomi Watch S1

Xiaomi’s latest and best smartwatch yet, with advanced GPS location performance, responsive display, 100+ workout modes, and advanced health features, is attracting users and is much better than its competitors. The Xiaomi Watch S1 was introduced globally in March and costs €179.

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