Xiaomi’s New Patent: MIX ALPHA 2 with Circular Curved Display

Xiaomi has recently acquired a patent for a new phone design reminiscent of its groundbreaking MIX Alpha. The patent highlights the key design feature of a circular curved display, with both front and rear cameras integrated underneath the screen. Notably, the patent indicates the absence of bezels on the front, left, and right sides, as well as any protruding decorative elements on the rear display. While Xiaomi released a similar surround-screen smartphone, the MIX Alpha 5G, in September 2019 with an impressive 180.6% screen-to-body ratio, the company later decided against mass production. This article explores the details of Xiaomi’s new patent and the company’s potential plans for the next-generation MIX series.

Hidden Camera Modules

The patent showcases Xiaomi’s innovative design approach, with a focus on maximizing the screen real estate while maintaining an elegant and seamless appearance. The circular curved display serves as the centerpiece of the design, enveloping the device and providing an immersive visual experience. By utilizing under-display camera technology for both the front and rear cameras, Xiaomi aims to eliminate the need for notches, punch-holes, or pop-up mechanisms, resulting in an uninterrupted display surface.

Absence of Bezels and Decorative Elements

In line with its pursuit of a bezel-less design, Xiaomi’s patent indicates the absence of any visible bezels on the front, left, and right sides of the device. This decision contributes to a truly edge-to-edge display, creating a captivating visual effect. Furthermore, the rear display does not feature any protruding decorative elements, ensuring a sleek and seamless design that enhances user interaction and aesthetics.

Camera Placement and Panel Division

The patent suggests that while the front of the device includes a camera cutout, the rear consists of three separate camera openings, possibly indicating the inclusion of multiple lenses for diverse photography options. Additionally, the middle section of the rear display appears to be divided by a smaller panel, potentially serving as a visual distinction or accommodating additional functionality.

Learnings from the MIX Alpha and Future Prospects: Xiaomi’s previous venture into the surround-screen smartphone market with the MIX Alpha 5G demonstrated the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone design. However, due to challenges in mass production, Xiaomi opted not to proceed with the commercial release of the MIX Alpha. Xiaomi’s founder, Lei Jun, acknowledged this in August 2020, stating that the MIX Alpha was a research project, and the company decided to shift its focus towards developing the next-generation MIX series.

Xiaomi’s recently obtained patent showcases a unique smartphone design concept inspired by the MIX Alpha. The circular curved display, under-display cameras, and the absence of bezels and decorative elements contribute to a visually captivating and immersive user experience. While the patent provides an intriguing glimpse into Xiaomi’s innovative approach, it remains to be seen whether the company will proceed with mass production and release the new MIX series smartphone to the market. Smartphone enthusiasts and Xiaomi fans eagerly await further updates from the company regarding this exciting design concept.

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