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Your Phone is not charging? Here are 5 fixes that can help

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So, you came to know that your phone is not charging? You tried putting the charging cable at different angles but it’s still not working. It really sucks when this happens, but don’t this issue might not be as serious as you think. Here are some quick fixes that you can try when your phone is not charging. Try these before running to a mobile repair shop.

5 fixes to try when your phone is not charging

There are various reasons why your device may not charge, and the majority of them may be resolved without the need for additional assistance. Most common reasons for a phone failing to charge include a faulty cable, charger, socket, or adapter, dirt or debris in the charging port or third-party apps blocking the charging process. Let’s see how to fix it!

1. Check the charging cable and adapter

If your phone is not charging then it is highly likely that there is some problem with the charger. Check to see if the cable or plug has been damaged. Even if there is no evident physical damage to the cable or connector, try combining alternative cables and plugs to rule out these as a potential problem. To ensure that your cable/plug is functional, try charging a separate device with it. Try to use original chargers and cables

Once you’ve confirmed that your cable/plug works, try connecting it to a different power source. Connect the charger, for example, to a power outlet rather than a laptop or PC.

2. Restart your Phone

Restarting or rebooting the phone is an ultimate solution, it works like magic and fixes most of the troubleshooting. Before moving on to any other fix, first just restart your phone.

This will allow the device to reset its temporary memory, allowing you to assess whether the issue is software-related. Press and hold the power button and the volume down button to restart the device.

3. Clean the charging port of the Phone

one of the most prevalent reasons of charging issues is the charging port getting clogged with dirt, dust, or debris. Dirt or lint can accumulate inside the charging port, preventing the charging cable from properly connecting with the charging contacts inside the port.

It seems that USB C ports are more prone to lint and dirt build up. If there is excessive dirt or lint inside your charging port then it might be the reason why your phone is not charging.

Make sure to examine the charging port with a flashlight. If you find dust or grime on the charging port, especially on the metal charging contacts, then the charging port has to be cleaned.

To clean the charging port, break a toothpick in half until you get a thin edge, and then use that to clean the port. It is much softer, and non-conductive and will not damage the port.

4. Make sure there is no water or moisture in the Charging port

If your device senses water or moisture in the USB port, it will not charge. This is a security feature designed in the phones to keep it safe from harm and corrosion. Usually, the moisture evaporates by itself in a few hours but just to be safe you can also try blowing gently on the port or exposing it to cool dry air.

Similarly, you can also blow hot air into it with a hairdryer or put the phone in a bowl of rice.

5. Check for software updates

If your phone is not charging even after reboot then the problem might be the software. An easy solution to this is to update your phone. Make sure your phone has some power left before updating because software update consumes a lot of battery.

First, go to the setting and scroll down to find the software update tab. Now check for pending updates and click install. If there are no pending updates your device will display that ‘Your software is up to date.’ After updating, try plugging in the phone and see if it charges.

Additional Tips

If your smartphone supports wireless charging, try charging it using the wireless charger. This will help you identify whether the problem is with your charger or with your phone. Also, if you are one of the lucky ones whose phone comes with a removable battery, you can try removing and reinstalling the battery, this may get everything operating again. Aside from that, you might also try replacing the old battery with a completely new one.

Final words

These were some quick fixes to try if your phone is not charging. We hope this helped you fix the charging issue of your phone. If you have tried all the above fixes and your phone is still not charging then you might have to visit the service center and get help from the professionals. Sometimes the problem lies in the hardware and we neither have the knowledge nor the expertise to fix it.

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