Youtube redesigned to match new Android 13 style!

Google has been making design updates to all of their products, including various apps like Gmail and the Google Play Store and so on. With their new “Material You” design language, Google made significant changes on Android. On the web version of YouTube, the interface has been upgraded with little changes and a new font style. And now Google also applies similar style for the Android app.

Google Play Store’s web version has recently been upgraded, and the differences between the web and Android versions are very minimal. And Google updated YouTube app as well. If you didn’t receive the new interface make sure you updated to the latest version. We’ll take look at the YouTube app with 17.29.34 version number in this article.

YouTube app redesigned on Android!

In this article we have both old and newer version of YouTube. In this update Google tries to make the YouTube app more consistent across other Google apps. The screenshots with dark theme applied are from newer version of YouTube.

Subscribe button under the channel has been renewed. It’s also replaced under the video and subscriber counters.


Notification buttons are renewed it pops up from bottom of the screen.

Notification settings during a video playback has also renewed this on pops up from the bottom as well.

The buttons under a video have been renewed. Like and dislike button have been put together into single button.

What do you think about the newer version of YouTube? Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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