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10 Tips you Should Know about MIUI

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MIUI interface, is an aftermarket and stock firmware for tablet computers and smartphones developed by Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. The company’s firmware is based on Google’s Android system. MIUI includes various features and with upcoming upgrades, the company improves it all the time. So, we will share the 10 Tips you Should Know about MIUI, in case you are a new user or want to learn a lot more about the MIUI operating system.

10 Tips you Should Know about MIUI

Now MIUI 13 update is coming on pretty much all the Xiaomi, POCO, and Redmi devices. However, the biggest question still lies as to what is really new here, considering most of the MIUI updates are based on Android 11 and not 12. We will cover the new MIUI 13 tips as well as the general tips about MIUI. So, before further ado, let’s start talking about the tips.

App Lock

App lock tip has been around for a while, but we still want to add it because it is quick, handy and reliable to use to lock your favorite apps, so nobody can access them while they have your phone.

Go to settings, scroll down to apps, tap on app lock, turn on app lock, and log into your Mi Account to restore your app lock when you forget it. You can choose between the face unlock or fingerprint scanner method, then select the apps you want to lock.

Horizontal Apps

Ever since Xiaomi introduced the vertical reasoned apps, some of its users do not like it, but luckily there is an easy way to go back to the horizontal scrolling, changing it back to horizontal is easy, just pinch the screen and tap on the settings, tap more, scroll down, and tap on arranging items in reasons, and select horizontally.

Back Tap

There is an easy and correct way to activate certain features, for example, a camera and calculator. You can do so by either tripple tapping, or double tapping. Go to settings, search for the back tab, and decide what should happen when you either double-tap or triple-tap the back, the list is pretty long as you can see. For example, double-tap to open the camera, as it works from everywhere, and triple tap for the torch number.

Sunlight Mode

Sunlight mode is for those who do not use or trust the automatic brightness feature, but still, want to have some sort of solution. In case all of a sudden it is really bright outdoors. Go to settings, tap on brightness level enable the sunlight mode. It is an easy trick to keep automatic brightness disabled and yet enjoy a pretty good amount of brightness in sunlight automatically.

Revoke Authorisations

There are quite a few privacy tools on your Xiaomi smartphone but we believe that Xiaomi does not inform its users well enough that they still track you and share some data, but luckily we can stop sending data to them by revoking your authorization.

Go to settings, tap on passwords and security, scroll down and tap authorization and revocation here we always revoke everything they try to warn you that the app might be broken or might be virtually unusable. It will remove most of the ads of the apps as well.

App Volume Control

This feature allows you to control the volume individually for each app rather than controlling the volume for the whole system instead. To be able to turn on this feature, you should go to the settings. Then tap sound and vibration and then top on the round music icon placed opposite to the volume slider. This activates a grid of multiple sliders for each app that is playing audio.

Heart-Rate Monitor

Blood flows to your fingertips with every single heartbeat and with the fingerprint scanner from Xiaomi, they allow you now to monitor your heart-rate. It is a bit hidden in the menu but, you can find from the settings. Find the special features, and tap on heart-rate. In almost 15 seconds, it measures your heart-rate.

Low Light Conditions

If you do not really like the bright animation light when you unlock your phone, there is a way to lower the brightness for the fingerprint icon in low light conditions. Go to settings, then find the fingerprint settings, and then enable the low light conditions to be able to use fingerprint animation.


Finally, Xiaomi also added a sidebar to the devices with MIUI 13. You can customize your Xiaomi device to have a sidebar on the right or left side of the display. Thanks to this feature, you can now access your favorite apps in a floating window with just a swipe.

This tip is perfect for multitaskers that want an easier way to pull up multiple apps at once or quickly swap between them. The sidebar feature is customizable and supports up to 10 different apps.

Increase Virtual RAM+RAM Optimization

First up, MIUI 13 allows you to add virtual RAM to your device to increase your phone’s RAM. Go to additional settings, click on memory extension, and you are good to go. MIUI 13 also brings about RAM optimization or atomized memory which is an ultra fine memory management method that brings RAM efficiency to a new level the features rated to analyze how apps use memory and divide a single app’s RAM usage processes into important and unimportant tasks, but the unimportant tasks are then closed thereby improving the overall device’s performance.

Which tips of MIUI do you think are the best?

There is so much to share than those 10 Tips you Should Know about MIUI, but those are the ones that we need a lot. Do you use these tips and tricks on your Xiaomi device? If that is the case, which tips do you like the most among the 10 Tips you Should Know about MIUI? Also, if you know other tips and tricks about MIUI that we did not mention, please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. If you want to install custom launcher on MIUI 13, read our article here.

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