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4 Hidden MIUI Features You Should Be Using!

There are certain features in MIUI that are yet to be discovered. In this content we aim to help you discover these useful and exciting features.

Floating windows

floating window feature

This feature is one of the best that comes with MIUI and it is not something you can find anywhere else implemented as good as this. It doesn’t even need enabling, it comes enabled as default. You just have to go into recents menu, long press on an app and click on floating window icon. Or you could use the fullscreen navigation gestures if your device supports it and go into your app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen all the way up to the corner and simply drop. If you’re still confused about it, MIUI offers a great animated tutorial in Settings > Special features > Floating window.

Virtual Identity

virtual id feature

Virtual Identity feature allows the user to protect their personal information on any website or app by generating a virtual identifier rather than using user’s unique one. If you’re very careful about your safety, it might put your mind a little bit more at ease. Even if you do not care about it, it still wouldn’t hurt to use this feature.

This is a privacy feature first introduced with MIUI 12. You can enable this feature via Settings > Privacy protection > Special permissions > Manage virtual ID.


scanner feature

Did you know you could scan photos, documents etc and translate or do some other actions on them using only the stock apps? Well, here’s good news. MIUI has a stock app that allows you to do these actions without needing an external app and bloating your data. It can scan QR codes as well!

Hide full screen indicator

Are you bothered too by that relatively small but also in our eyes giant and unnecessary full screen indicator bar? If so, this one might just be for you. You can go right into Home settings > System navigation and turn on that Hide full screen indicator option to finally get rid of it. If you do not know how to access your home settings, simple long press on your launcher and it will show up and if you’re still having problems with it, you can simply access it through Settings > Home screen.

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