7 Xiaomi phones with best battery performance in 2023

There are many smartphones on the market and unfortunately not all of them have the same battery performance. Xiaomi is a company that offers fast charging on many of its phones. In this article, we have included a number of devices considering the efficiency of the processor the phone has, battery capacity, charging speed and more. Here is a list of Xiaomi phones with best battery performance from the cheapest to the most expensive device you can buy.

Redmi 12C

We put Redmi 12C first because it’s one of the most affordable phones you can buy. It has an affordable price tag and carries a 5000 mAh battery. The phone doesn’t have Xiaomi’s fancy fast charging technology unfortunately, but it does have 10W fast charging, which will be enough for many people.

In the same price range, you can also opt for Redmi A2+, which may sound like a good choice as it has 18W charging, but Redmi 12C will give a much better performance with MediaTek Helio G85. If you have a low budget, want to have a phone with mediocre speed and a good battery life, you can consider buying Redmi 12C. Redmi 12C comes with a HD resolution display, which should also contribute to the battery life.

Redmi 12 5G

Redmi 12 5G has not yet been announced as of we published the article, but we have added the phone to the list because it is a budget device and has a big battery. The phone will most likely come with Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 processor with 5000 mAh battery and charges at 18W.

The phone has a 90 Hz display with FHD resolution and IPS type display. IPS displays are known to have lower power consumption compared to OLED displays, so if you are looking for a device with more performance than Redmi 12C in the budget category, Redmi 12 5G is the right option.

Redmi Note 12 Pro+

Redmi Note 12 series was revealed a year ago and the Pro phones come equipped with OIS for the first time in a Redmi Note series. The reason we’ve included Redmi Note 12 Pro+ in our list is due to its affordability, fast charging support, and its good performance in handling everyday tasks.

While OIS in the camera is not unique feature to midrange devices, what truly distinguishes Redmi Note 12 Pro+ from many other midrange smartphones, such as Samsung’s A series phones, is its impressive fast charging capabilities. Sporting a powerful 5000 mAh battery, this device boasts 120W fast charging, enabling your battery to go from 0 to 100% in just 19 minutes.

If you’re not looking for a flagship-level device but prioritize a decent camera setup and incredible fast charging, Redmi Note 12 Pro+ is undoubtedly the ideal choice for you.

Xiaomi 12T Pro

Xiaomi 12T Pro has a 5000 mAh battery and 120W fast charging, just like Redmi Note 12 Pro+. If you need a faster phone, you can get Xiaomi 12T Pro because it has Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. The advantage over Redmi Note 12 Pro+ is not only in the chipset, Xiaomi 12T Pro comes with a sharper display (446 ppi) (395 ppi on Note 12 Pro+).

We’re not claiming that higher resolution will bring better battery life, but if you need a good display alongside a mediocre camera setup, flagship performance and fast charging, you should get Xiaomi 12T Pro.


POCO F5 unfortunately doesn’t have 120W fast charging like the 12T Pro and Note 12 Pro+, but it is available at a very affordable price at some regions. POCO F5 has a 5000 mAh battery and 67W fast charging.

POCO F5 has a very powerful and efficient Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 chipset, we added POCO F5 to our list because it is offered at a fair price in some countries, but if Xiaomi 12T Pro is cheaper than POCO F5 for you, you can opt for the 12T Pro.

Xiaomi 13 Pro & Xiaomi 13 Ultra

Featuring the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and impressive camera setup, Xiaomi’s top-tier offerings also excel in battery performance. Xiaomi 13 Pro is equipped with a 4820 mAh battery and supports 120W wired charging, while Xiaomi 13 Ultra features a 5000 mAh battery with 90W fast charging.

One of the standout advantages of these two devices compared to others on our list is their inclusion of wireless charging, with both supporting 50W wireless charging. Surpassing the speed of many OEM flagship devices’ wired charging. If you need a flagship device, plus fast charging with good battery life, you should consider checking out the Xiaomi 13 series.

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