A total comparison of MIUI and iOS

iOS(a.k.a iPhone OS) known around with it’s simplicity and easy user for the people that’s usually new to phones, or something that just works without making the user do extra steps.

While MIUI is also usually known around for same thing, it’s based on Android and a little bit harder to use. This post shows comparasions between them one by one including all system apps.

1. Home Screen

iOS has a pretty simple homescreen that is organized always to top, and you can’t put icons to bottom without putting other icons above them as icons stick to top. Meanwhile in MIUI, it’s just like stock android, it let’s you to put the icons anywhere around the screen, though you still can hold an empty page in homescreen and shake the device, and the icons will arrange to top just like in homescreen. iOS has rounded square styled widgets which looks pretty cool compared to other Android devices. But although, MIUI also added these widgets around 3 months ago as well, so it’s a draw when it comes to comparing home screens in this case.
home screen
The comparison between home screens are shown above.

2. Settings

In settings app of both softwares, they are pretty much same except that iOS has arranges them a little bit differently which makes it look better to the eye.
settings app
In this one, winner is iOS. Comparison is above in the image.

3. Dialer/Phone

In this case, the winner is also iOS as it’s more one-handed friendly in use. MIUI shows the extra buttons in top meanwhile iOS shows them in bottom of the screen instead, which is much more friendly to the user.
Comparison is shown above in the image.

4. Clock App

In this one, it’s a draw because both of the softwares has cons. MIUI keeps the add/edit buttons on bottom which makes it pretty easy to use in one handed, but keeps sections in top just like in dialer. In iOS, it’s vice versa same, sections are on bottom, but add/edit buttons are on top which also makes it a little hard to use in one hand. Clock app is a draw in this one.
clock app
Comparable is shown above in the images.

5. Weather App

This one also goes to iOS. iOS shows all needed content directly in home screen, meanwhile in MIUI you have to scroll down to see the other content inside of the app.
weather app
Comparison is shown above in the images.

6. File Manager

In this case, winner is MIUI. iOS displays few recent items in screen as big pictures, meanwhile MIUI displays more recent items in smaller sizes, which makes the user see more items when entering the app.
file manager
Comparison is shown above in the images.

7. Calculator

In this one, MIUI also again wins. iOS is just a simple calculator without any additional features meanwhile MIUI has some additional features in it’s calculator, which makes it better.
Comparison is shown above in the images.

8. Sound Recorder

This one is a draw. Both of the softwares look pretty much same in the design and use, and they look both pretty simple.
sound recorder
Comparison is shown above in the images.

9. Music App

In this one, iOS wins. MIUI provides it’s online content section only for china users meanwhile iOS provides it for globally which is for anyone around the world.
music app
music app playing
Comparison is shown above in the images.

So which one did you like most in comparison? Tell us in the comments below!

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