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Access hidden menus of MIUI using this MIUI Hidden Libs

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In everything update, Xiaomi hides the old menus in MIUI or just hides because it is not properly compatible with the device. This app let’s you to access them all again!

In MIUI, some of the menus are hidden, such as the performance menu from old MIUI which had impact on the device. Unfortunately, Xiaomi made all of these menus hidden in MIUI itself. Not anymore! The app named MIUI Hidden Libs let’s you to access them all back again!

The best of all, the app doesn’t require root!


  • Download the latest APK from below.
  • Open it.

miui hidden libs

  • Read the warn and be informed, then tap “Close”.

choose miui

  • Select your MIUI version in list (in my scenario, it was MIUI 12.5).

choose activity

  • Choose the hidden menu you want to access. For example, I’m opening the old performance menu.

ur activity

  • And as you see, the app opened it just fine!


The app currently does not support MIUI 13. But it will support it soon! Stay tuned.


MIUI Hidden Libs Apk

If you have any issues, you can contact the developer here.

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