All Information About Xiaomi 12, Redmi K50, Redmi Note 11 Devices

Xiaomi is preparing to introduce 14 new devices including Xiaomi 12, Redmi K50 series. The countdown has begun for 9 of these 14 devices. Let’s take a look at the list of devices that are scheduled to be released in the end of 2021 and the Q1 of 2022.


Xiaomi 12 Pro

This device, which takes its code name from zeus, the father of humans and gods, will come with a 50MP Wide +50MP Ultra Wide +50MP 10X Optical Zoom (OIS supported) triple camera setup and Snapdragon 898. It will support 120W wired charge and new under-screen fingerprint solution.  Which is probably ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. On the back panel, there will not be a second screen like the Mi 11 Ultra. Its model number is L2.

Xiaomi 12

This device, which takes its code name from cupid, cupid is the son of venus (Mi 11) and mars (Mi 11 Pro), and iris (Redmi Note 10 JE) and ares (Redmi K40 Gaming) are his children. Will come with a 50MP Wide+ 12MP Ultra Wide+5MP Macro (OIS supported) triple camera setup and Snapdragon 898. It will support new under-screen fingerprint solution like Xiaomi 12 Pro. Its model number is L3.


Mysterious Xiaomi 12 Device

This device is a sub-model of the cupid device which is Xiaomi 12. Its codename is psyche and model number is L3A. Cupid and Psyche are two related mythology characters. No idea about the device’s market name or what it is. But it could be Xiaomi 12 Mini or Xiaomi 12 SE device. Psyche will be powered by Xiaomi’s new Snapdragon 870+ platform. It will also have the same 50MP triple camera setup as the Xiaomi 12. The screen will have a resolution of 1080×2400, 120 Hz and in display fingerprint.

Xiaomi 12 Lite and Xiaomi 12 Lite Zoom

The regular version of these devices will be sold globally and in China, while the zoom version will only be sold in China. Regular version is codenamed as taoyao and zoom version is codenamed as zijin. Both devices will have a triple camera setup, and in the zoom version, the 3rd camera will be telephoto instead of macro. The screen of both devices is 1080×2400 resolution, 120 Hz and fingeprint on display supported. Model numbers are L9 (zijin), L9B (taoyao).

Redmi K50 Series

There are 4 devices in the Redmi K50 series. Three of them will be released soon. Redmi K50 Pro (ingres), Redmi K50 (poussin), Munch and Matisse. Redmi K50 Pro will be powered by Snapdragon 898 while Redmi K50 and munch powered by Snapdragon 870+. Matisse will have the newly introduced Snapdragon 898 rival, the Dimensity 2000 series CPU. The known features of the devices are that the K50 Pro will have a 64 MP triple macro camera setup. The K50 will have a 48 MP triple Sony macro camera setup. Munch will also have a triple macro camera setup. The fingerprints positioned on the side on the three devices, the Munch and the K50 will have a resolution of 1080×2400. The only known information about Matisse is its CPU. Model numbers are L11 (ingres), L10A (poussin), L11R(munch), L10 (matisse).

Redmi Note 11 Series

The only information we have about the Redmi Note 11 series is their CPU base. Redmi Note 11 JE (lilac), K19K will use Snapdragon 480+ platform. We think this device is the Snapdragon version of the Redmi Note 11 Chinese device. The Redmi Note 11 Global (miel, fleur) will use the Mediatek base, as in China. Spes/Spesn, Veux/Peux will have Snapdragon CPU. Viva and Vida will use MediaTek based CPU.



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