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Are Xiaomi and Redmi the Same?

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Xiaomi has been long known for their Redmi devices, but most people don’t know the difference between Redmi and Xiaomi. In this article, we will explain what the difference between them is.

“Wait, I thought Redmi phones were still Xiaomi?”

Redmi, despite being such a giant brand globally, is a subbrand of Xiaomi. Their devices are mostly meant to be budget-friendly, and are made cheaper. Xiaomi, on the other hand, is the flagship brand of the company. The differences range from hardware quality, to software support and more. The main reasoning for the Redmi brand is to be the “cheaper option” and give users a smooth experience while not making them spend too much money on their phones. Now, lets get to the main differences.

Hardware differences

Redmi phones are usually made out of cheaper materials, which contribute to their cheaper shelf price. Meanwhile, Xiaomi phones are made out of higher quality materials such as glass and metal, and have flagship features like wireless charging and waterproof design. While there are Redmi devices made out of glass or metal, the lower quality makes them feel cheaper. Now, lets get to the software differences.

Software differences

While Xiaomi phones get the usual treatment of 2 to 3 platform updates on average, Redmi phones differ a lot when it comes to software. It depends on how many updates Xiaomi (the company, not the brand) thinks the phone should get. For example, while the Redmi Note 8 received two Android updates, but FOUR MIUI updates. While these weren’t platform updates, they still were updates to the interface which kept the phone feeling up to date and secure. But usually, Redmi phones get less updates compared to Xiaomi flagships.

“So wait, if the differences are that small, why are Redmi phones more popular?”

Compared to Xiaomi’s flagships, Redmi phones are more accessible and cheaper, and in developing markets like India, they are usually more popular due to their low price, which is the reason why they’re seen more commonly in the hands of people.

“So, which one should I buy?”

That depends on your usage of a phone, and what features you want in one.  If you want a more premium feeling device and have the budget, go for Xiaomi’s flagships. If you still want the premium feeling, but are on a budget, go for Redmi’s higher end phones. If you don’t care about premiumness and just want a phone that works well for the price, and you’re on a budget: Redmi is the way to go. 

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