Battery Alarm Notifier App – What it does, and how to use it

Battery Alarm Notifier is our new app, which will, well, as the name says, give you notifications when your device’s battery state changes. In this article we will talk about what it does and how to use it!

What is Battery Alarm Notifier?

Battery Alarm Notifier is an app that will monitor your charging state, and let you know if, for example, your phone reaches a specific level of battery below or above a certain amount, or when you plug in a charger, or when it gets disconnected from the charger. It features a clean and simple UI, you can set it to play an audio file, a ringtone from your device, or even a Text-to-Speech audio clip! You can set a sleep mode, where the app disables itself, make it so it ignores the system audio profile and more. It’s also compatible with every recent Android version.

How do I use Battery Alarm Notifier?

The app is very simple to use, and to use it to its fullest, we’ll be helping you in this guide. Keep reading!

First, you should tap on the “Add new alarm” button on the bottom right of Battery Alarm Notifier app. This will let you, well, add a new alarm. You can modify this alarm using the menu which will appear next, turn the alarm on or off, and such.

Give the alarm a name, then select which charging setup you want. You can adjust the below/above values to your liking, so that the app makes a sound when it reaches that level. For this article, we’ll select the “Charger is connected” setting.

Next, select if you want an audio file, a ringtone or a Text-to-Speech clip. You can choose an audio file on your device, a ringtone from your device, or a custom Text-to-Speech clip. For this article, we’re gonna use the “Audio file” setting. Tap on the audio file, grant the app permission, when the prompt shown above appears, then from your phone’s file picker, locate the audio file you would like to use.

Afterwards, click on the save button on the bottom right. If you did everything correctly, there should be an entry on your homescreen with the name and the charging state. The big red button also lets you turn off the app manually.

There’s also a settings menu you can access by clicking on the cog on the homescreen, and here’s a list of all the settings you can change and what they do.

  • Sleep mode: Sets the app up so that during the time period you select, it disables itself, and does not make any noise.
  • Ignore system audio profile: As the name implies, ignores your system’s audio profile, which lets the app play the sound you chose while Vibrate or Silent Mode is enabled on your phone.
  • Play sounds with max volume: Very self-explanatory, plays the sound at the highest volume available.
  • Disable during a call: Disables the app while you’re on a call.
  • Enable notification sound repetition: Makes it so your alarm notifications can repeat themselves.

So, what do you think about our new Battery Alarm Notifier app? Let us know in our Telegram channel, linked here, and don’t forget to download it from the Play Store, from here!

Battery Alarm Notifier
Battery Alarm Notifier
Developer: Metareverse Apps
Price: Free

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