Can I use MIUI on other Phones?

MIUI has been a quite popular Android skin across the world and has a lot of fans. It packs a lot of useful and attractive features in it and these features tend to make some people an addict. However, MIUI is a user interface specific to Xiaomi devices only. If you do not own a Xiaomi device, you will not have access to this amazing user interface. Well, at least not officially. There are ways to get it and today, we are gonna talk about it.

MIUI Ports

Many devices have communities that consist of the users of the device and offer a lot of support. Whether you need help with technical or software problems, or you need custom ROMs, you will most likely get what you need in these communities. Developers in these communities tend to port certain OEM ROMs such as MIUI to experience anything other than their stock ROM and grants public access so that others can benefit as well.

If you wish to get a taste on MIUI, we recommend you to check your device’s community in case you may have a MIUI port available to you. Installation process and many more information about it will be available there as well. XDA or Telegram is a good place to start for the search of your community.


If your device community does not have a MIUI port, your next available option MIUI generic system image (GSI), which as the name suggests is not device specific. However, in order for you to use GSIs, your device first needs to be treble supported. You can check whether it supports or not using third party apps like:

Treble Check
Treble Check
Developer: KevinT.
Price: Free

If your device is supported, the usual installation process is flashing a ROM specific to your device using Treble supported recovery and flashing GSI image into your system partition. However, since this process varies among different smartphones, you need to consult to your device community for proper installation guide.

Do note that GSIs may not always work or have more bugs than usual since they are not device specific. If you wish to know more about GSIs, you can read ourĀ GSI: What is it and what is it good for? content.

GSI: What is it and what is it good for?

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