Do I need Antivirus for Android? — Is it secure enough?

dOne of the questions that people who use the Android operating system have in mind is whether they need an antivirus for Android devices. In this article, we explain the dangers that you may be exposed to on Android devices and whether you need an antivirus.

Is Antivirus for Android Necessary?

Nowadays, we can do many personal transactions with devices such as phones and tablets with Android operating systems. As a result of our actions, most of our important data is registered in the system. Our personal data is of particular interest to scammers. Especially with the type of psychological pressure called Social Engineering, people with malicious intents want to seize our personal information.

With attack methods such as Smishing, Vishing, Whaling, Pharming, Baiting, Pretexting, Scareware, Deepfake and especially Phising, there will be people who want to access our personal data through different channels such as e-mail, SMS, telecommunication, websites, cyber networks, USB memory, social media, software.

The question whether we need an antivirus for Android or not gains more importance when it comes to preventing attacks on our smart devices. One of the most important ways to protect ourselves from these attacks is to have an antivirus program on the devices we use the Android system.

In order to play an active role in the protection of our information and possible attacks, It is of great importance that we use an antivirus program from a reliable source, licensed and always up-to-date. You can detect the content sent to us by malicious people with antivirus programs with a high level of protection, and remove them from your Android devices without further damage.

When we think this way, the answer to this question instantly becomes a yes, we in fact need an antivirus for Android. We absolutely need an antivirus program to protect our data in all operating systems on smart devices we use, especially the Android operating system. Antivirus programs will positively affect both our present and future by helping to protect our personal information. If you are interested in malware protection, you may want to check out MIUI’s built-in malware protection in MIUI New “Secure Mode” in MIUI 13; What is it and How it works content.

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