Download Best Google Camera for POCO F3 with config

GCam app is a Android app developed originally developed by Google and ported for the use of devices of other brands. The best Google Camera for POCO F3 model will be what is covered in this article so that you can shoot photos and record videos professionally on your device and use its camera capabilities to the maximum.

You can find working versions of POCO F3 GCam in different versions from well-known developers such as BSG, Nikita, Urnyx05 and Cstark. These developers changed some aspects of the original and found a way to make it work on non-Pixel devices. And now, all we need do is to find the best for our devices, which is the purpose of this article, finding the best Google Camera for POCO F3.

Best Google Camera for POCO F3/Mi 11X/Redmi K40

Mi 11X and POCO F3 are the same devices with different regions and are one of the devices that are compatible with GCam. Camera2API on these devices is set to LEVEL_3 which means that GCAM on this device supports YUV reprocessing, RAW image capture, and more. That is not to say of course that all versions work properly on it. There are several versions that are broken or don’t work at all. The best Google Camera for POCO F3 so far is the one made by BSG. You can download and use this best GCam for POCO F3.

You can use GCam apps right out of the box without making any configurations but if you wish to get the best out of it, there are a lot of basic and advanced level settings you can find in GCam settings. If you do not want to bother with it, you can also download and import pre-made configurations for the best experience. Here is the details for the best POCO F3 GCam BSG app:

  • Codename for Poco F3/Redmi K40/Mi 11X
    • Alioth
  • GCam Version
    • 8.1.101
  • Developer
    • BSG
  • Status
    • Stable
  • Bugs
    • Fully functional except certain things in Slow Motion.
  • ROM Compatibility
    • MIUI
    • All AOSP ROMs
    • Pixel Experience

You can download POCO F3 GCam using this link and you can download and download config files using this link. If you want to import configuration files, check our How to Install XML Configs in Google Camera content to learn how in detailed and simple steps.

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