How to download GCam for your device easily

What is GCam? It’s Google Camera from Pixel devices of Google that usually takes better shots compared to default camera applications of the manufacturer and OEM. This guide shows you how to download the preferred GCam for your device with ease with just a few small steps without root.

Most of the manufacturers just include their default different camera applications which mostly doesn’t do the job compared to the GCam. But the one in Play Store is old and outdated and not from the actual Google Pixel devices. But at the same time there isn’t a Google Camera app that just works with all devices at once generally. With these steps you can download the ported Google Camera for your own device.

Download the required program from below of the post before starting.



  • Choose your device as shown in the picture. E.g mine was Redmi Note 8 Pro.
  • Download the one with “Recommended Version” mark on it.

Boom; you downloaded the GCam for your device.

Incase if it doesn’t work, that means there’s a problem with Camera2 API. Heres how you check it.


  • First check if the API status is enabled from the main page in the app(check picture for example).
  • If it says enabled but still doesn’t work, or says disabled, go to GCam download menu, tap the marked option in the picture and it will show you the guide to how to enable the required API to make it work.


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