Enable all of the hidden features in MIUI Gallery in any Xiaomi device!

Mobile photographers and users have a powerful tool to make the most of their device’s camera, and which is the MIUI Gallery. Although that’s true, some of the hidden features on MIUI Gallery is limited only to high-end devices, and does not appear on low-end devices. But, recently someone modded the app to unlock the all features. This app unlocks all hidden features usually only available for high-end phones, and facilitates advanced editing capabilities, making it an ideal companion for on-the-go photography. Its intuitive design and efficient performance ensures a hassle-free user-experience.

The modified MIUI Gallery app offers a wide range of features not available on other phones. From the ability to unlock all hidden features usually only available for high-end phones to the advanced editing capabilities, this app serves as a powerful tool for photographers and users alike. With its intuitive design and efficient performance, it ensures an enjoyable experience while exploring the world of mobile photography.

Unlocked hidden features in MIUI Gallery Mod

The unlocked hidden features in the MIUI Gallery Mod is listed below;

  • Recognize text and table
  • Recommend tab enabled
  • All creativity features unlocked
  • Sky filter
  • Slideshow wallpaper
  • Unlocked video compression, etc.

And there is also other minor features that are unlocked as well, which is up to you to find out!

Screenshots of MIUI Gallery Mod

Screenshots of MIUI Gallery Mod is shown below.


The MIUI Gallery Mod installation is done via a Magisk module. Just download the module, and refer to our guide about flashing a Magisk module that we posted before.

Although that being said, here’s a short guide if you don’t want to leave this article.

  • Download the module.
  • Open Magisk.
  • Tap “Modules”.
  • Tap “Install from storage”.
  • On the file picker/chooser, choose the zip/module file that you downloaded a while ago.
  • Once you found it, tap on it.
  • Wait for Magisk to flash and install the module.
  • Once done, just tap “reboot”.

And you’re done!


You can download the Magisk module for MIUI Gallery Mod from here.

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