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Enable Dual Apps on Budget Xiaomi Phones

MIUI has a lot of features that core users of MIUI use daily. When MIUI 8 was released on August 23, 2016, it introduced a lot of new features one of which was Dual App

What is Dual App Feature on MIUI?

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Dual apps allow users to run multiple accounts for the same app by cloning the app. Many apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat still at the time of writing this post allow only a single account per device. Dual App removes this restriction by allowing users to create a duplicate instance of the app.

If you recently bought a Budget Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO Smartphone for example Redmi running MIUI you might notice that the Dual App & Even Second Space Feature is missing from the Settings. We investigated upon this and here is all the information on this subject:

We found out that Dual App is part of the Security Core Component App with package name (com.miui.securitycore) this App is also responsible for the following features in MIUI :

  • Enterprise Mode
  • Family Guard
  • Second Space

Now Starting from MIUI 12.5 Xiaomi has started to hide the Dual App & Second Space Section from the Settings for Budget Redmi Phones Like Redmi 10 but still for many users this is quite an important feature that many users may still want to use.

Below you can see that the Second Space & Dual App Features are missing from Redmi 10 Selene but there is a workaround to use Dual App & Second Space even on devices that don’t have the feature listed here.



How to Activate Dual App & Second Space features on low-end phones using MIUI Downloader App

Download MIUI Downloader app from Google Play Store

MIUI Downloader | News & Apps
MIUI Downloader | News & Apps
Developer: Xiaomiui
Price: Free
  • Go to Hid. Features Tab

  • Tap Dual Apps button

How to Activate Dual App & Second Space features on low-end phones using Activity Launcher

  • First Download Activity Launcher from the Play Store
  • Then open the Activity launcher. You will see a warning. Tap ok.

  • Now inside the app search for Dual apps & Click on the Dual apps option

  • Click the 3 dots showing in front of Dual apps & click Create shortcut. You have to give the app (i.e Activity Launcher) permission to create a shortcut on the home screen so that you can easily access Dual App Menu without going through the above hassle again.


Voila!!, Now you can use Dual apps on your device..

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