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Everything we know about Xiaomi 12 Pro’s excellent display

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We have had talked about Xiaomi 12 here. We know more about Xiaomi 12’s big brother Xiaomi 12 Pro now. Xiaomi 12 Pro has bigger and better display than Xiaomi 12. We are going to talk about Xiaomi 12 Pro’s display specifications in this article.


Xiaomi 12 Pro’sdisplay has resolution of 2K with LTPO 2.0 support. Xiaomi chose top of the line Samsung E5 LTPO panels for this device. With its 6.78″ size, it’s the big brother of Xiaomi 12.

Product scored A+ rating on DisplayMate. DisplayMate is a trusted website that scores wide range of devices with display. A+ rating is the highest so we can say that using Xiaomi 12 Pro is going to be joyful.

Xiaomi's ad poster about Xiaomi 12 Pro
Xiaomi’s ad poster about Xiaomi 12 Pro


2K resolution is more than enough for 6.78″. With it being a small screen compared to monitors and TVs, we can say that Xiaomi 12 Pro is able to deliver very crisp image to its users. Users are also able to set display resolution lower than 2K using Settings application to save battery.

Adaptive Refresh Rate

Xiaomi 12 Pro has adaptive refresh rate of 1Hz to 120Hz. Xiaomi’s software sets refresh rate between 10Hz and 120Hz to save battery and to deliver its users a smooth experience. 1Hz mode is probably used for Always-on Display and since there’s nothing much going on with Always-on Display, it’s clever to utilize 1Hz mode to save some battery.

Xiaomi also optimised the way adaptive refresh rate works. Now, software is going to set lower refresh rates than 120Hz depending on sliding and animation speeds to save some battery. Xiaomi calls it “Smart Dynamic Refresh Rate”.

Micro-Lens Microprism

Xiaomi's ad poster showing Micro-Lens Microprism
Xiaomi’s ad poster showing Micro-Lens Microprism

Xiaomi also talked about a technology called Micro-Lens Microprism, we don’t know its purpose yet but I am guessing it aims to make display sharper and crisper by magnifying individual OLED pixels. We will know what it is all about once Xiaomi releases to phone on 28th December at 19:30 (GMT+8).

Comparison with Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 11

With higher resolution and bigger screen than Xiaomi 12, it definitely deserves its “Pro” name. This makes Xiaomi 12 Pro, a better choice than Xiaomi 12.

Both Xiaomi 11 and 12 Pro come with 2K resolution panels but 12 Pro utilizes “Micro-Lens Microprism” and its screen is expected to look better than Xiaomi 11.

Samsung E5 LTPO OLED

If you want to know more about Xiaomi 12 Pro’s panel, there are more information about it here.

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