Google is about to make “Find My Device” working even if the device is powered off!

Find My Device has been available on Android for quite a long time, it was only possible to get the location of a lost Android device if it is connected to the internet. This functionality is already offered by Samsung and Apple on their devices, and Google wants to become the third major technology giant to feature offline device locating capability.

Find My Device without internet connection

Apple lets users to find their lost devices, not just iPhones, but also for Macs, iPads, AirPods, and various other Apple products, even if these devices are powered off. The crucial aspect is to create a location network, so that when a device is powered off, it can communicate with nearby devices and other devices with internet connection can upload the location information to the cloud. Apple products come equipped with extra hardware to handle this.


In 2022, Google attempted to build a location network similar to Apple’s and was successful. As per a 91mobiles report, Google is presently developing a technology that enables the use of Find My Device even the lost device is offline.

Google’s offline device finding technology will be called Pixel Power-off Finder on Pixel phones, and it remains to be seen whether other brands will get this feature or not.


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