Unpacking the new Google Play April update: What’s new?

Google Play once again comes with exciting new changes and additions for the April update. Google Play Pass and many more components such as app discovery and Play-as-you-download are getting more and more features, making the overall experience more enjoyable and the framework richer! While the main focus is on Play Pass, a several few other features still remain a priority. Let us see what changes are waiting for us!

New Google Play April Update in Depth

Google Play Pass is a subscription based system that allows you to enjoy hundreds of apps and games without inline purchases and getting interrupted by annoying ads. This service is one of the promising features of Google Play, and thereby still getting new features and improved further with new Play Pass and Play Points programs in this latest update.

google play april update

While it is worthwhile to talk about, it is not the only thing that gets bettered. The update comes with app and game discovery improvement, enhancements for Google Play Billing service and many more. Here is the complete changelog to this update:

Critical Fixes

  • Fixed bugs involving Security& privacy, and system management & diagnostic services for Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV and Wear OS.

Google Play Store

  • Play-as-you-download feature that allows you to play your games while they are still downloading in the background has been improved.
  • Improvements to help you more easily discover apps & games you may be interested.
  • Adjustments to better and make downloads and installations more reliable.
  • Play Points and Play Pass programs get new features.
  • Google Play Billing system is now more enhanced.
  • Play Protect system has been further improved to keep your device safe.
  • Lots of performance adjustments, bug fixes and enhancements for security, stability and accessibility.

System Management

  • System management services have been updated in order to better device connectivity, network use, stability, security and updateability.

Developer Services

  • Added new features for development in order to help 3rd party app developers support ads, analytics and diagnostics, accessibility, machine learning and AI, security and privacy related services in their apps.

How to get the April Update

Easiest way to check whether you need to update your Google Play Services is:

  • Go into Play Store
  • Tap on your profile picture on top right corner of the screen
  • Tap on Settings
  • Expand About section

google play april update

There you will find the Update Play Store button under the Play Store version label, click on it. Once you have done with it, you can go into Settings > Additional Settings > Google Play system update and update Google System here.

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