Google Play Store bans stats – Google banned 190,000 malicious developer

Google’s focus on privacy and security is slowly becoming more important, as news about new Play Store bans arise. This means that Google, despite all of it’s anti-trust cases and complaints from the public about lack of security, is slowly becoming more of a security-focused company, hopefully. So, let’s take a look!

New Play Store bans – news & more

Google has released official stats about the recent Play Store bans and more, and it appears that over 190,000 “malicious” developer accounts were banned in 2021. Other than that, around 1.2 million malicious apps were also removed from the Play Store for violating Google Play policies.

Google has also stated that 98 percent of apps migrated to Android 11, have reduced their dependency on sensitive APIs, such as the Accessibility API, which is now used for it’s actual purpose, as opposed to call recording apps and more. Google also states:

“We also continue to work on making Android a great place for families. Last year, we disallowed the collection of all users’ Advertising IDs (AAIDs) and other device identifiers in kid-only apps, and allowed all users to completely remove their Advertising ID, regardless of the app.”

We will update you on the latest news on the Play Store bans.

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