How many GB RAM on Phone is required for today?

People always wonder what are the minimum amount of RAM on phones for today’s standards, as today’s apps and devices always gets better and better, so does the older phones get outdated and slow enough that it can’t handle at all anymore.. This article tells you all of it!

What is the required RAM on phones today?

RAM (Random-Access Memory) is used on smartphones in order to keep track of active applications and open windows. It’s also used to store temporary data, such as icons, webpages, and active screen previews. RAM is important because it allows apps to run faster, and helps you use the phone more efficiently. However the question is, how much RAM do you actually require on your smartphone? Let us go into what RAM amount you may need one by one and figure out the best fit.

2 GB RAM Capabilities

2 GB of RAM is pretty low for today’s standards. It depends on what exactly you’re buying the device for. 2 GB RAM is only for normal social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and more. Though, it’s still too low that it won’t be able to multitask at all properly without lagging or killing the apps. Although that being said, if you do install custom ROMs on it, and use SWAP(storage as memory to be short), it might do the job. but for gaming, the required RAM on phones is much higher than this, keep that in mind. You can find this amount of RAM in low-end devices.

3 GB RAM Capabilities

Though it’s still low, it’s better than 2 GB RAM which is a good thing. You can find midrange devices today that uses 3 gigs of RAM in themselves. It can handle multitasking apps if you’re not loading the device too much (e.g games) and only using social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). For gaming, it’s still a bit low amount. Yes, it’s able to run games but probably at lowest settings possible but it is not quite the required RAM on phones for a decent gaming experience. SWAP won’t have much effect in this one, as Android system will try to use RAM more in 3+ GB RAM devices. You can find this amount of RAM in midrange devices.

4 GB RAM Capabilities

Well, now we should be getting something right? Yep, if you’re thinking that, you’re right. 4 GB RAM pretty much fills today’s standards if you consider it the minimum required RAM on phones. It’s able to multitask properly without issues at all, and so doesn’t need SWAP as well. In gaming, it’s able to run in medium or high settings depending in the processor itself. Just like above, you can find this amount of RAM in flagship and maybe a few midrange devices.

6 GB RAM Capabilities

Now this is pretty much today’s level standards in RAM side of a mobile phone. It is able to multitask much apps at once without killing them or requiring SWAP at all, and so runs pretty much in high settings on games. For gaming, it again depends on also the processor, so look for also a good processor in it. You can find this amount of RAM on phones considered to be midrange devices and flagship devices easily, as most of them comes with 6 gigs of RAM at least.

8 GB RAM Capabilities

With 8GB RAM on phones, you can pretty much do anything if processor itself is also good enough. It is able to multitask at least 10 apps depends on how optimized is the software. It will run games properly without any issues. For gaming, it will probably run at high settings without issues as on a phone with 8 gigs of RAM, processor should be good as well. You can find this amount of RAM on phones that are usually the flagship devices.

12(or higher) GB RAM Capabilities

If your device is 12 GB RAM or anything higher, it’s probably a phone that’s specifically only designed for gaming. Usually only these types of phones do come with 12 gigs of RAM. It’s able to pretty much do anything, keep 15+ apps open, run games in maximum settings and more. You can find this amount of RAM phones considered to be the flagship killer devices.


Overall, the required RAM on phones depend on what you are planning to use your device for and you need to decide on the amount based on your needs. If you feel that your current device is not meeting your expectations in terms of RAM capacity, check out our How to use Xiaomi virtual RAM to speed up your device content to support your RAM with a virtual one in order to avoid having to buy a new device.

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