How to use Xiaomi virtual RAM to speed up your device

As you know, Xiaomi virtual RAM feature is available in MIUI 12.5 enhanced edition and above. So, what is this virtual RAM? Virtual ram comes into play when the hardware memory on the device is insufficient and reduces the device load. And using device’s storage. In this way, you will speed up your device, although not too much. So does this really work? actually no, if device is not entry level you might not even understand the speed difference. but if your device is an entry-level device such as Xiaomi Redmi 9, it will be beneficial to turn on this feature. Without further ado, let’s move on to the use of this feature.

How to enable Xiaomi virtual RAM

First of all your MIUI version must be 12.5 Enhanced edition or above.

  • Open the settings app, and slide to down little bit. You will see additional settings. Tap on it.
    • After tapping the additional settings, you will see memory extension tab. Tap on it too. Then you will see a switch for opening memory extension, enable it. Also, this feature is dependent on device’s current RAM capacity. If you have 3GB RAM, you can use +1GB virtual memory. If you have 4-6GB RAM, you can use +2GB virtual memory. If you have 8GB ram or above, you can use +3GB virtual memory.

And that’s it! you’ve successfully activated Xiaomi virtual RAM. Also if you have root, do you know you can increase the Xiaomi virtual ram capacity? Yes, only you have to do reading this article. Also, it’s a fact that this is not a new feature. It was a feature that was also available in very old android versions but enabled with root. Do not forget to indicate in the comments whether your device is speeding up!

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