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How to Activate and Use Google Pay on Xiaomi

A lot of traditional payment methods has been replaced with better ones in our recent days. People now use apps like Google Pay, Apple Pay and so on to make these transactions because they are simply much easier and efficient methods. You no longer need to bloat your wallet with credit cards, cash and dimes and instead, all you need to do is to use your phone. How does one activate these services? Let’s get into that step by step.

Google Pay


Google Pay app is one of the most common app and currently only supported by Android. This feature requires that your device has near-field communication (NFC) support as this is a contactless payment method and will not work without a way to communicate point-of-sale (POS) devices. If your device has this feature and it is either Android or iOS, you may continue with the instructions. To check if NFC exists for your device:

  • Open Settings.
  • Type NFC in the search bar of your Settings app
  • Select NFC and turn it on
  • If you do not see any results, you do not have this feature on your device

If your devices is supported, you can go ahead and install this app via Play Store:

You will not be able to install it if your device is rooted, has an unlocked bootloader, has developer options enabled or is untested or unapproved by Google. You need to have certified status in Play Store in order to be able to use this app.

Add credit cards

google pay

To add your debit or credit cards in Google Pay app:

  • Open the Google Pay app
  • If you have multiple accounts signed in, select the account to you want to do actions on
  • Swipe up from the bottom
  • Tap on Add a card > Debit or credit card
  • Use the device camera in order to capture your card information or type it in manually
  • You may get asked to verify the payment method, if so, select a verification method and verify it
  • Enter the verification code sent to you

Set as default

You can set Google Pay as default payment method in your device as well:

  • ​Open Settings
  • Tap on Apps & Notifications > Default apps.
  • Default apps may also be under Advanced section
  • Tap on Tap & Pay.
  • Select Google Pay as your default app


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