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How to Disable a Stolen Mobile Phone

It can be upsetting to lose or have your phone stolen. There are obvious financial consequences to consider, but there is also a slew of other issues to consider. Your passwords, photographs, and credit card information among other valuable information are inside your mobile so it is important to know how to Disable a Stolen Mobile Phone.

If your phone has gone missing, there are a few things you should do as soon as you realize it is missing. If you believe your phone has been stolen and you want to preserve your privacy, there are a number of options for tracking it down via GPS, locking it, erasing your data, and even fully blocking it. Let us look into some of the useful tips that you can use if ever your phone gets stolen.

Step-by-step guide on how to disable a Stolen Mobile Phone

Step#1 Make use of the Android Device Manager. To access the settings of your stolen mobile device, go to device manager and log in using your Google account.

The number of phones linked to your Google account will be displayed after you sign in. The location of the stolen phone should be marked on the map as long as it is turned on. If the platform allows it, tap “Lock,” “Disable,” or “Erase all Data.” to be noted on the map. This way you can disable a stolen mobile phone.

Step#2 If you are using a Samsung device.

There’s no need to be concerned; simply go to the Samsung help portal and log in with your Samsung account. If the stolen phone was a Samsung phone and you used your Samsung account to check in.

Find my mobile samsung

Please head over here and log in to your account. To track your phone’s position, lock it with a new password, or wipe all of its data permanently, go to the left and select your device.

Step#3: If you can’t reach anyone when you try to call or text your phone, you should lock it down to prevent crucial information from being taken. You must have enabled the feature before your phone went missing in order to do so.

How to lock your Android phone if it’s been stolen:

  • Go to for more information.
  • Sign in to your Google account if asked.
  • Select the device you wish to disable by clicking on it.
  • To lock the device, click Secure device.

If your Google account has an Android device linked to it, you can remotely disable it and wipe all of its data. This, too, must be activated before your gadget vanishes.

Step#4: This is a fantastic phone-saving method that you can do as a precautionary measure before you lose your phone. To do so, you must first obtain the serial number for your mobile phone. If your phone is stolen, you’ll need this serial number to trace it down and locate it.

To obtain your phone’s serial number, dial *#06* on your phone’s Dialpad, a 15-digit code, and the IMEI of your phone will display on the screen. This number is specific to your phone. Make a note of it and keep it somewhere secure. You can find it on your phone box too.

You can call your service provider and give them this code if your phone is stolen. They will then be able to ban your phone, rendering it completely worthless even if the thief switches the SIM card.

You’re unlikely to get your phone back, but at least you’ll know that whoever took it won’t be able to use or sell it.

Step#5: When you’ve accepted that you’re not going to get your phone back, wipe all of the data on it remotely to ensure that whoever has it can’t access any of your personal information. This is a vital step because we all have personal information on our phones that we don’t want people to see.

How to erase data on your stolen Device?

  • Go to
  • Sign in to your Google account if asked.
  • Select the device you want to delete by clicking on it.
  • Erase the gadget by clicking the Erase button.


These are some ways you can disable a stolen mobile phone, other than this when you know that your phone has been stolen you can take some other measures first like you can remotely log out of all accounts (social media, bank, etc.), change the passwords for all logged-in accounts, if you use your device to make payments, contact your bank or credit card company and after the account has been lost, keep a close eye on it for any unusual activity. So, these tips will definitely help you to disable your stolen phone and protect your data from being misused. Also read: How to fix a frozen Mobile phone

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