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How to Fix a Frozen Mobile Phone?

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Frozen mobile phones are among the most annoying problems of today’s technology. Frozen mobile phones completely cut off your access to the phone and can prevent you from using it. Regardless of its quality, every phone can freeze and become inoperable due to both technical and software problems. There are several solutions to the freezing problem that every user has experienced.

There are various methods to get rid of the mobile phone freezing problem, which is one of the most annoying problems experienced by all kinds of Android users and iOS users. The extent of each freezing issue is quite different. If it is freezing at simple levels, it can be solved quite simply, while if it is a completely big problem, the solution will not be easy. With a few different methods covered in this review, you can start using your phone again.

Take Precaution for Frozen Mobile Phones

If you do not want your mobile phone to become frozen, you can take a few precautions at the very beginning and prevent it from freezing completely. These precautions will keep your device fresh and prevent it from freezing.

The frozen mobile phone has several reasons. These reasons appear on your phone over time and it is possible to take precautions and prevent them before they occur. To solve the frozen mobile phone problem, it is a logical move to take action in advance. Phone freezes are usually caused by “storage full”. Or, the phone, which consumes high processing power, starts to freeze and contract over time. It can also be due to software reasons or bugs only.

First, do the updates.

Regardless of whether you use Android or iOS, updates are very important. In particular, the solution to the frozen mobile phone problem due to a bug can be fixed with the “bug fix” update, which is included in the updates. At the same time, you need to make updates due to the interrupted support for old operating systems and poor optimization. Otherwise, your phone may freeze.

Free up storage.

The full storage slows down the performance of the device considerably. As a result of the storage space being full, it causes hang-ups, optimization problems, and poor performance. Cleaning your phone’s storage space and using less storage space will allow you to take precautions.

Do not use phone power to its fullest.

Your phone has a certain power and may not be able to perform all kinds of operations. For this reason, you should not use your phone’s processing and RAM power to the fullest. Otherwise, you are very likely to experience freezing problems. Do not play games that your device cannot play, and do not perform operations that its power cannot handle.

How to Fix Frozen Mobile Phone Problem: Here Are the Most Effective Methods

If your device is still freezing despite taking precautions, you should try a few methods. While trying these methods, your device will likely be in a frozen state. For this reason, the solution methods we have are very limited, but the compiled methods are effective methods. Thus, you can fix your frozen mobile phone and use it fluently again.

Reboot First

Restarting your device resets all processes on your device and aims to reach your device in a clean state. Thus, you can fix a bug, or fix the problem of the frozen mobile phone. Most Xiaomi and Android devices will restart when you press and hold the volume down button, for iOS devices, hold the power button, press and hold the volume up button, and immediately after pressing the volume down button, it will restart. You can also learn how to reboot your phone without the power button by clicking here.

Android Users Only: You Can Force Reboot With ADB.

If your device’s “USB Debugging” mode is turned on, you can install ADB on your computer and restart your phone with a few commands. First, install Minimal ADB on your computer by clicking here, then unzip the ZIP and put it on your desktop. Plug your device into the computer with USB and run ADB. And write the given code:

adb reboot system

Delete threatening apps.

Some applications, especially those installed from unknown sources, pose a threat to your device. If it’s running in the background and you can’t see it, it will process on your device and it’s quite dangerous, whether your data is stolen or your phone performance is reduced. Getting rid of these applications, which are among the biggest problems of frozen mobile phones, will be the best step you can take. After deleting these harmful and threatening applications, you need to reset your phone.

Debloat and Factory Reset

Debloating your device allows you to delete unnecessary and unused system apps. If your device is frozen, the “USB debugging” option must be turned on to do this. If you are wondering how to debloat, you can go to the article “How to debloat your Xiaomi phone with ADB” by clicking here. Likewise, restoring your device to factory settings will solve the freezing problem quite quickly. If you debloat it after returning to factory settings, the performance of your device will increase considerably, and you will have solved the frozen mobile phone problem. If you are an iOS user, it is not possible to debloat, but you can access and reset iPhone settings via iTunes.

For Custom Rom Users: Notify developer.

If you are a custom rom user, there may be a bug related to the custom rom you are using. If you are using an Official custom rom, make sure that the updates have been made. But if all the updates have been made or if your rom is unoffical, you should contact the developer of the rom you are using and report the problem to the developer. If they have a solution they will provide it to you, but if they don’t, you may need to switch to another custom rom or revert to a stock rom.

The Final Solution: Contact Technical Service

If none of the solutions have worked until this step, the problem is purely a factory issue. Because no device becomes frozen as long as it is produced properly. If this frozen mobile phone problem persists despite all the above steps, you may need to send your device to technical services under warranty. If there is no guarantee, you can contact any technical service and if the problem is hardware, you can find the solution. Guaranteed technical services will solve your problem in a very relevant way conclusion.

All these steps will prevent freezing on your phone and fix the frozen mobile phone issue. If the methods you have applied until the last process are not sufficient to solve the problem, it is the most logical solution to take advantage of the technical services under warranty. These technical services, which will take care of your problem very quickly, will also prevent you from voiding your device warranty. But other solutions are also effective, they don’t take your time and you don’t have to make any effort.

Source: Google Support, Apple Support

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