How to reboot your phone without power button?

You may get into trouble with your power button like it stops working but you still want to turn off your phone? Some phones’ power button wear rapidly. This is either because you use your phone roughly or some phones being manufactured with a faulty power button. This is a general guide working on all of the brands Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo etc. There are many ways to reboot with root or without root just simply choose one of them depending on your phone. If you can’t fix your phone with the service or on your own we got some solutions for you.


The fastest way to reboot your phone without power button is with Magisk app if your phone is rooted. Many users don’t know Magisk has the reboot feature.

1-Unrooted Reboot Method

Rebooting with ADB

You can still reboot your phone without power button even you don’t have root access.

Things you need are a PC with Xiaomi drivers are set up and a USB cable. You could reboot without PC if you’re already rooted but for this method you must use a PC.
First you need to enable developer options on your phone over the system settings. If you don’t know how to do that you may move on to our article.

After you turned on the developer settings now you can turn back to your PC to set the Xiaomi drivers. You can’t skip both of these steps otherwise your phone won’t be detected by ADB interface. Read this to set up drivers.

On your PC:

1-Press Start button and type “cmd” and open it.

2-Then type “adb reboot” then tap enter. That’s it! You can try rebooting to recovery mode by “adb reboot recovery”.

2-Unrooted Reboot Method

Rebooting with LADB

LADB is the option for you if you don’t have PC. LADB is basically ADB on your phone. Refer to this article:
After you setted up LADB type “reboot” and tap enter on your phone’s keyboard.

3-Rooted Reboot Method

Rebooting with Magisk

1-Open the Magisk app

2-Tap the circle icon at the top

3-Select how you want to reboot your phone

Choose “Reboot” only if you want to restart on your phone only. Only reboot option will turn off the phone and turn on again.
You should be rebooted your phones among the options but we recommend you to fix the power button as soon as possible.

3-Send to warranty

If your warranty is still void you got chance to make your power button fixed for free. Some phones are manufactured faulty power button causing the button stops working in a very short time. Even if they ask you to charge since the button is a small mechanic part it shouldn’t be too expensive. Try your luck.

4-Buy the power button and fix on your own

If the service costs too much you can try to change the power button on your own. Buying repair parts and fixing it generally costs less than service. Be careful while opening back of your phone and make sure you got enough equipments for the repair process. You have to learn how to work on your phone because all phones have different designs and buttons at different places.

These are the fastest ways to reboot your phone with ease. If your power button doesn’t work in any way we seriously recommend you to replace your power button because in case your system breaks down or you need the power button other than powering off it might be a nightmare for you.

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